Creating The Perfect Home Working Environment

If you read any article about working from home – and such articles have become incredibly popular in recent weeks, for obvious reasons – then…


If you read any article about working from home – and such articles have become incredibly popular in recent weeks, for obvious reasons – then there’s one point that tends to be constantly repeated: create a dedicated working environment. 

The reason for this constant refrain is sound, rooted in the fact that most people find that separating their home space into dedicated “work” and “life” areas helps them to mentally separate “work time” and “living time” – which can be difficult to achieve when working from home. You may, therefore, have thought about, or perhaps even begun to implement, your own dedicated home-working space – and if so, here are a few tips that can help ensure your new work environment is as pleasant as it can possibly be. 

Creating The Perfect Home Working Environment

Keep clutter to a minimum (or at least out of sight)

Clutter can be a distraction when you’re trying to work, so try and ensure your working environment is as clutter-free as possible. Ideally, clutter should be stored elsewhere (moved to another room or hidden inside storage furniture); if this isn’t possible for any reason, then adjust where you sit so you can angle your line of sight to ensure you’re mainly able to see the most clutter-free part of the room while working.

Go green

Many modern offices make sure to include greenery within their space, and there’s several reasons why, ranging from the mood-boosting properties of plants to simply wanting to improve the way a space looks. To enjoy the same benefits in your own home, add a large floor plant situated in the corner of your dedicated office, or introduce a few small potted succulents to the table you’re intending to work from each day – you’ll be sure to appreciate the effect. 

Ensure good lighting 

Lighting is critical when it comes to work, both in terms of how you feel – the vast majority of people find a well-lit space is simply nicer to be in – and in terms of health requirements, in that you need to be able to comfortably see whatever it is that you’re working on. Explore options such as standard table lamps or the likes of a Lepro 240v LED strip to add lighting wherever you feel it may be necessary, and then enjoy the resulting boost to both the look and ambience of your workspace.

Avoid silence 

Silence is often seen as the ideal when working, providing the optimal conditions for focusing on the task at hand – but for most people, this isn’t actually the case. Silence can actually be very distracting, especially if you’re accustomed to the hum of an office or co-working environment. If your working environment feels too quiet, try adding white noise; you can invest in a dedicated white noise machine or app, or even just run a YouTube video such as the one below in the background while you work.

In conclusion

Whether you’re working from home as a short-term measure or home-working is part and parcel of your working or business life, the tips above should help you create the perfect working environment within your home space.

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