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The hunt for the perfect cabinet for a record player

Have you ever had the need for a very specific piece of furniture and nothing seems to be ideal? Well, that’s us right now. We…


Have you ever had the need for a very specific piece of furniture and nothing seems to be ideal?

Well, that’s us right now. We have searched high and low on the normal high street stores and even get on the motorway down to Ikea to look for the perfect storage solution for a cabinet for the record player that is currently on the floor in our living room.

It needs to be no wider than 90cm, not too high and have a shelf or cupboard for record storage, a shelve for the amplifier and then space for the record player to sit on top.

This just doesn’t seem to exist and those that do, there only wide enough for a smaller player or they don’t have a shelf for the amplifier.

We thought a TV stand would be ideal as it has the shelve with the gap in the back for wires but it seems the current trend is really wide TV stands so we’ve not been able to find one small enough. We’ve both been off work this week and one of the main jobs we wanted was to get some new furniture for the living room and we haven’t been able to find anything.

We’re not going to rush and get something that isn’t right, so for now, we’re going to just shop around, keep popping in places like Homesense and Dunelm and hope something turns up as they tend to have random things in!

Feeling like looking in actual shops was a lost cause, I had a look at LionsHome as you can search for loads of different furniture there to see if there was any suitable in the furniture section.

I can’t believe I found three items that would actually work! The three above are all great in terms of width and height. They have amplifier space as well as space to store records!

I had seen some nice ones on some other websites but they would have cost £400! While I’m not opposed to spending a lot of money on furniture that we will have a long time, I’m a little apprehensive of doing so when we are buying online and not able to see the quality beforehand. Although there were some more expensive ones on LionsHome, I was able to filter the price as well as other details to narrow the search down to something a little less.

I’ve sent them to my fiancé now and he thinks they are ideal also so we might end up buying one! I like the middle one the best, dark wood is what we want to go with the rest of the room and sofa.

If we do end up buying it, I’m sure you’ll see a post on here soon with our little record corner, I have a few more home-related posts in drafts that I need to finish so keep your eyes peeled!

Styling the house has become something I’m really enjoying lately, it’s just a shame my bank account doesn’t agree..

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