Woo, Degustabox time again!!

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Protein Flapjack Cocoa Oat
These vegan treats contain plant protein and I took them to work to snack on after the gym. They are delicious!
I never would have bought these as I’m not usually a KitKat fan but these are good! The chocolate is really thick so they don’t seem as much as a biscuit as KitKats do. Thumbs up from me.
Coconut & Chocolate
My Sweet Chickpea
Woah, I was not expecting this. These are delicious and have a sweet, biscuity texture. I don’t think I’ve ever imagined what a dried chickpea would taste like but these are good! Only negative is there were LOADS if coconut bits in the bag. I’m not a massive coconut fan so it just went in the bin and felt a bit of a waste.
Dijon Mustard
Grey Poupon
Not opened this yet, I don’t eat mustard often but I am a big fan of it so glad to see this in the box.
Fruit Spritzer + ACV
Lost Coast
I’ve not tried this yet,  but Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural remedy that is good for the gut and known for health-giving properties. Let’s hope the drink doesn’t taste like vinegar!
Jackfruit Chunks / Ndizi banana
Jacked Foods
Jackfruit should be the new superfood. I love it! Both these items were delicious, especially if you love dried fruit.
Livia’s Kitchen Salted Caramel Millions Square
Livia’s Kitchen
How is this vegan? The caramel part was so thick and sweet. Boyfriend ate most of it through. Sad.
Milkshakes Voucher
Shaken Udder
Oops, I didn’t cash this voucher in because I am lazy. I bet the Belgian chocolate one is tasty though!
Pasta Shapes
Woo, I love pasta shapes. These have gone great in the ‘coronavirus stockpile’ cupboard though 😉
Roast Chicken Pasta
Mug Shot
Someone got to this before me so I have no idea what it tastes like. I am disappointed because I love protein products!
Slow pastes
Very Lazy
The perfect excuse to start using the slow cooker again! I love these lazy pots as it saves time and also waste if you only use half the ingredients if making from scratch.
Vegan Bar
These are the stars of the show. The chocolate orange one was the best. I would buy these again, they are so good! What a time to be vegan!

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