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Coronavirus and supermarket panic buying

The world has gone mad and it’s getting a bit scary. I am not trying to worry about it too much at the moment as…


The world has gone mad and it’s getting a bit scary. I am not trying to worry about it too much at the moment as I don’t like to worry about those things that are out of my control

The government has clearly stated we should stay at home as much as possible. So I am staying at home as much as possible.

I am working from home and so is my boyfriend. The plan is to stay at home and every few days my boyfriend will venture out for supplies. He’ll also be going out on his road bike until that is completely banned. He rides alone and doesn’t come into contact with anyone so it’s really low-risk unless someone drives past and coughs out of the window at him or something.

Foodwise, we’re doing okay actually. It was a bit scary yesterday after seeing all the queues of people outside supermarkets and empty shelves and it’s made me think things will get stricter very soon.

My boyfriend did try to go to the supermarket yesterday but it was too crowded so he promptly left as he didn’t feel it was safe as there was no way you could adhere by social distancing guidelines.

When things just started to get worse a couple of weeks, I bought a packet of 24 toilet rolls (this will last us WELL over a month, why are people panicking over toilet roll and buying so much?), a bag of brown rice, some maggie noodles and a couple of bags of pasta just in case. I didn’t get it all at once, just an extra thing every time I bought my normal food. You could say I ‘low key’ panic bought.

I’m really glad I did as we wouldn’t be able to get it at all now. It’s strange as I feel like I shouldn’t use it. It’s kind of like that feeling you get when you have a really pretty notebook but you don’t want to write in it as you are saving it for best. I am saving my rice and pasta for best. Actually, I’m saving it for worst.

If we are ever in a situation where we can’t get fresh food. We have a few ‘long life’ bits. I don’t feel that this will happen and I’m sure over the next few weeks things will start to get better in a few weeks as this normalises. It’s all new and scary at the moment. But we’re going to have to get used to the fact that this is how things are now and for the next few months.

My boyfriend went to the supermarket today and was able to get some potatoes and other fruit and veg. We’ve not struggled to get fresh produce at all which is great. We’re making sure we’re not wasting any food at all. Yesterday I threw all the veg going off in the fridge in the slow cooker and got creative with some spices and tomato purée. It was alright actually. We have a few veggie and vegan style burgers in the freezer also. We’re trying to stay away from animal products for many reasons, but that’s not a story I want to go into now.

Lack of food in terms of being able to get it isn’t my concern. I just want to ensure we have to go out as little as possible. He came back from shopping today with a decent amount of stuff:

  • 300g bag of quinoa
  • bag of Maris piper potatoes
  • some sweet potatoes
  • punnet of tomatoes
  • 2 courgettes
  • 3 peppers
  • garlic
  • brown onions
  • butternut squash
  • bananas
  • apples
  • Jaffa clementines
  • beer (for him, I’m still doing dry Jan hehe)
  • cat food
  • chocolate soy milk

We easily have enough food to last us around two weeks. Probably even longer if we are happy eating plain pasta with frozen sweetcorn. We have some random tins of kidney beans and other things that we’ve had for ages so this is an excuse to use them all up. We don’t usually have dinner at home as we’re usually working so I’m not sure how quickly we’ll get through things.

Having extra time means we’re able to spend more time making nice food. We have loads of dried herbs and spices that we might finally use up while we can’t get our normal, jars of pasta sauce or pesto.

The whole thing is scary. The main thing for us is we want to avoid the mad rushes. So we won’t be queuing up first thing in the morning to fight over store-cupboard food. We’ve found that going to the supermarkets in the afternoon as been the best as we (or my boyfriend, there’s no point in two of us going out at times like this) have been able to easily get fresh produce. I’m happy to have potatoes with every meal if we have to.

Cat food is also empty which is sad, but luckily we have enough pouches and a bag of dried food to keep our little baby happy for a few weeks.

I think she’s sick of us being at home all day already…

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  1. Unfortunately there seems to have been a lot of panic buying here on my side of the pond (Long Island, NY, USA) as well. On my last few grocery shopping trips many of the things I like to eat and drink were missing. The bottled water was in short supply and the shelves where paper towels and toilet paper had been were empty. I found myself shaking my head in disbelief looking at all the empty shelves. Yikes.
    All of the food you prepared and photographed looks very delicious and extremely healthy!
    I’m getting hungry just looking at it!
    Best wishes for finding new healthy and fun things to do (Annabelle included).

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