Ouch That Hurts!

Do you have a body that feels 20, 30, or even 40 years older than it really is? Ouch, that hurts! Do you feel like…


Do you have a body that feels 20, 30, or even 40 years older than it really is? Ouch, that hurts! Do you feel like you should be old and grey and sat in a nursing home? Well, we can pretty much all relate to that. From a really young age, it’s so easy for our bodies to start aching in ways that we thought were only possible for the older generation. Aches and pains as a child were something we only had when we came crashing off our bikes or scooters. But then we get to the adolescent years and we can feel twinges happening in our back. We can feel neck ache that we’ve never known before. We have migraines that cripple us and bring us to our knees. Isn’t being an adult a ton of fun!? Is this the life that we’re always going to live with?! Well, think about the pain that you’re having now and if it can be addressed. We love to spend so much time moaning about the aches and pains that we have, but we never actually do anything about it. This article is going to be about doing something about it. We want to show you that you can actually feel like your body is the age it’s meant to be, rather than feeling like you’re falling apart. Keep on reading, and we’ll turn ‘ouch that hurts!’, into ‘ooh, that’s better!’. 

Ouch that hurts!

Mouth & Teeth Pain

Some people are never going to go through the pain of the mouth and teeth. For those of you who think a bit of niggling back pain is bad, wait until you experience the pain of your mouth and your teeth. You might have remembered it from the times of being a child, and having the most horrible toothache because your other one was waiting to come through. Now imagine that as an adult, with big teeth in your mouth. Big teeth that have big nerves, that create big problems. The first thing you need to think is what’s wrong here? Don’t put this off like you would with back pain. In fact, we know you won’t be able to put it off. Teeth have such big nerves and roots running through them, that the pain they create can be unbearable. You can forget eating for the day! High quality tooth fillings might be in order, and a nice expensive trip to the dentist will sort it out for you. If you do have on and off toothache, we’d still recommend that you don’t put it off and wait for it to get worse. If you have a day full of toothache that eases off towards the end of it, it’s important to understand that there is an underlying problem that will have caused that pain, and it probably isn’t going to have sorted itself. As for mouth pain in general, it can be a sign of gum disease, which you’ll need to get to the dentist for again. If the pain is happening with a larger amount of blood when you brush your teeth, it’s definitely time to bite the bullet and get down there. Get i contact with this dentist in Reading who can help!

Insane Back & Neck Pain

So we’re not talking about a big of niggling pain that comes and goes every so often. If you have back and neck pain every single day of your life, and it’s aggravated when you’re sitting at your desk, then it’s time to do something about it. Unless you can get out of work for the rest of your life, this is going to be a problem that will haunt you until it gets even worse as the structures of your back weaken with age. The most common cause for back and neck pain is poor posture over time that has led to other areas of the back compensating and indeed settling in places they shouldn’t. There are three options we have for you. The first is to go and see a chiropractor. It’s perfectly safe to do so, and they can manipulate the back and neck to reduce the pain, and in most cases clear it altogether. If that doesn’t work after a few sessions, it’s time to take a trip to the physiotherapist. Working with them for a few months can help to strengthen your back and neck, but always make sure that you’re following the advice that they give. Don’t go home and completely ignore the exercises they have given you to do, or you will never feel the benefit. The next is to buy a cheap posture corrector off the internet. They cost no more than $20, and they work a treat. All you have to do is use it religiously every day, for the amount of time it suggests, and we know that you’ll feel the benefit.

Hospital Worthy Headaches

Migraines and headaches are something that you’re either going to cruelly suffer with, or you’re going to have escaped. Headaches and migraines happen for reasons we cannot explain. Why some people get them so severe and some don’t is something that’s still being researched. We have a few tips to try and help. The first is to buy a hot and cold eye mask from Amazon. You can use them, either way, depending on the problem you’re having. Sitting in a dark room with a mask putting cold pressure on your eyes can really help to reduce that pain. If you’re suffering so bad that you’re finding yourself having too much time off work, make sure that you go to the doctors to discuss further treatments. There are injections that you can have in the base of your neck which has incredible results for a certain amount of time. The procedure is painful, but so worth it if headaches and migraines are affecting the way that you live your life. 

The point we’re trying to make is that you shouldn’t be suffering with any aches and pains that you have. Because it has become the norm to talk about aches and pains in a way that you can relate to everyone else, we sort of become complacent and accept it’s what we have to live with!

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