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Managing Your Company Blog Smoothly and Seamlessly

By now, you know that blogging is absolutely essential for your online presence. All of your competitors run successful blogs and you understand the importance…


By now, you know that blogging is absolutely essential for your online presence. All of your competitors run successful blogs and you understand the importance of establishing your brand as a market leader. When you create compelling and engaging content your potential clients will grow to know, like and trust you. If you’re just starting a blog you don’t need to enter panic mode yet. The blogosphere can seem pretty intimidating and overwhelming, but you don’t need to stress out about maintaining a high standard blog. Consider the following smooth and seamless strategies for managing your company blog.

Managing Your Company Blog Smoothly and Seamlessly

Share Your Digital Files

If you’re running a medium to large company, it is highly likely that there isn’t one single person who is in control of your blog content. You need an accessible way for all of your employees to store, collaborate and edit their ideas. You could invest in digital asset management software so that your creative content is both shareable and protected. When your employees have easy access to your creative content, they will be more proactive when it comes to running your company blog.

Create a Content Calendar

When you map out your blog content in advance it feels so much more manageable to keep it up and running. Many seasoned bloggers create content for an entire quarter so they only have to think about blogging four times a year. Now, this only works if you have the ideas ready to go. This is why it is important to sit down for a couple of hours and plan out some relevant and engaging ideas for your blog. The most important aspect of blogging is consistency; don’t try and commit to posting once a week if you can’t keep it up. It is better to post amazing content once a month than half-hearted content every single week.

Take Note of Special Events

Use current events to inspire your blog posts. You can theme each post around seasonal occasions such as Christmas, Valentines and other fun, quirky or notable holidays. Map these out in your content calendar so you don’t miss anything important.

Write Engaging and Appealing Content

As long as you know your target audience inside out, you will be able to create content that speaks to them.

You don’t have to be a seasoned writer to create engaging blog posts; all you need to do is use comments, queries, reviews and questions from your customers to create captivating content. If you receive an email enquiry from a customer, why not answer the question in a blog post? It will save you writing the same answer over and over again and it will definitely grab the attention of your potential clients.

Although your mind feels a little hectic right now, you are going to gain clarity sooner than you think. Keeping a blog up and running is no easy task, but you can achieve anything if you plan in advance and enlist the help of the rest of your team. Whether you’re mapping out your monthly content calendar or sharing ideas via digital files, as a team you will soon have a consistent and compelling blog that your competitors are envious of.

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