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Garden plans for the summer

As you probably know – we moved house last June. Our garden is quite big, but there is nothing in it. It’s just a rectangle…


As you probably know – we moved house last June. Our garden is quite big, but there is nothing in it. It’s just a rectangle of grass with a tiny concreted area near the French doors.

It’s on the to-do list to do (ha) some nice garden-y things to it this summer. Well, we have a lot of things on our to-do list both for the house and wedding so whether we get around to it depends on time and money. We had quite a nice summer last year, so it would be nice to get some things sorted in the garden so we can enjoy the space properly.

grass garden plans

artificial grass

The patio.

We have a small patio area in the garden the only problem is you can’t open and close the doors if the table and chairs are on there, so we’re probably going to pave half of it so we can use both the table and the doors at the same time. Talk about a life of luxury!

Garden furniture. 

We have an old metal table and two bright orange chairs. I’d love to get some new garden furniture, I like the wooden type that you can put cushions on. It would be better when we have people over as currently, we have to put our dining room chairs out if we have people over and that isn’t really ideal as they are light grey and could get stained. I’d also love a chair swing but that’s not a priority…

A shed.

This is a must – we need a shed in the corner but it’s a bit off a faff as you have to sort a foundation out first. We do have a garage which is meant to be my gym but currently, it’s half a gym and the rest is junk. There’s lots of DIY stuff, the lawnmower and other things in there that need to get in the shed so I can have more space in the gym as it’s a bit oppressive at the moment!

Herb garden.

We use herbs quite often and I’d love to have a planter with coriander, basil, mint and rosemary. Though I’m not sure how easy it is to grow in this climate, I assume it’ll all die in the winter. Sad.


I’m not sure what to do about flowers, maybe just keep them in pots for now but I’d love to have some flowers that climb up the fence! I think they look really pretty.


We had the grass done for free when we moved in, which is handy otherwise it would have just been muck out there still. We did have a fear where it looked like it was dying but we managed to get some grass treatment for it and sort it out. I think if it ever does die, then we would get some artificial grass as it’s much easier to maintain than my poor fiancé having mow the lawn every Saturday – a chore he hates. We really could do with some garden services by Fort Worth Tree Experts.


  1. I love your plans for the garden, and I hope you managed to try some of these out like the herbs! Our pots have stayed out through winter and our herb garden is still going strong! Love the cat on the leash too, by the way!

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