Dreaming of a day at the spa? Turn your bathroom into your own retreat!

Dreaming of a day at the spa? Turn your bathroom into your own retreat!

Long hours, restless nights, deadlines, meetings, family, friends, errands and goals. They all add up. All adding a sense of pressure to our everyday lives and making us feel stressed, strained and burnt out. What you need is a day at the spa. A soak in a hot tub, a massage or three, time in a steam shower room or sauna, a dip in the pool and something bubbly to drink. Yes, a day of rest and relaxation is definitely what the doctor ordered, but your bank account might disagree…

So, if you can’t go to the spa, why not bring the spa to you? Read on for 6 ways you can turn your bathroom into your own, private spa.

Dreaming of a day at the spa? Turn your bathroom into your own retreat!

The lighting

Most bathrooms get by with one, large bright light. But that simply won’t do in your spa setting. Lighting is everything when it comes to setting the mood for relaxation, so you need to consider your lighting options. Dimmer switches are a great idea but can be expensive, so how about installing some LED light fixtures – available here. LED lighting is modern, stylish and the bulbs last longer and use less electricity. So they’ll actually save you money.

If you’re wanting something a little more instant, then why not add a few more tealights and gorgeously scented candles to the bathroom instead.

Fluffy robes and comfy towels

One of the highlights of any spa trip are the complimentary robes, and incredible soft and fluffy towels. This is something you can replicate quite easily, so it’s time to throw out those old scratchy towels you’ve had since you first moved out and that old faithful dressing gown and replace them with beautifully white, soft counterparts.


We can all agree that there’s lots of stuff in the bathroom. So you’re going to need to think about your storage options. Gather things like cotton swabs, wool pads, bath salts, even your toothbrushes and store them in large, clear glass jars – you could even go a step further and create your own labels for them.

Get out a paintbrush

If you have a little more time, you can instantly transform your bathroom with a simple lick of paint. Spas usually have earthy tones such as greens, beiges, greys and browns. These colours are soothing and can even give the illusion of space to your bathroom.

Clear the clutter

As mentioned above, bathrooms accumulate a lot of stuff. But when was the last time you saw a rubber duck and a razor on the side of the pool at the spa? Spas are tranquil, simplistic and clutter free so follow their example and remove anything that doesn’t belong! If you’re still overrun with toiletries, bathroom accessories and kids things then don’t worry; get yourself some storage baskets or install some high shelving to keep things out of sight.

A bath caddy

Because where else are you going to put your champagne bottle?

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