The Importance Of Leadership Skills In The Information Age

Leadership skills have always been important, but the challenges that face those in positions of responsibility have changed over the course of time. Today, business owners and those in authority must learn to hone and expand their skills to cope with the demands of the information age. The infographic below highlights some of the most important and valuable traits for modern-day leaders.

Information is everywhere, and one of the most beneficial skills leaders can possess is the ability to use data to improve performance and achieve objectives. Traditional leadership skills usually involve communication, team building and problem-solving, but the growing importance and accessibility of information pose different challenges. The modern leader must adapt and modify their approach to ensure optimum results in the digital workplace.

The most influential modern leadership skills include research, information curation, digital preservation, adjusting to a mobile environment, coaching and facilitating collaboration, understanding the role of technology and analyzing performance and using information to transform and develop projects.

Possessing these skills sets individuals up for successful careers across a broad spectrum of sectors. From working as a librarian, data curator or a project manager to joining research teams, there are endless opportunities with employers ranging from banks and technology firms to academic and political institutions.

Being a good leader doesn’t always boil down to having confidence in your ideas and the ability to communicate effectively. In the information age, it’s vital to be able to use data to shape strategic decisions, achieve objectives and improve on a continual basis.

Infographic Created By University of Southern California

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  • Rebeca

    The changes that have emerged in society in recent years on issues of technology and information have made many things obsolete and forgotten, nowadays it is important to learn to manage information to achieve the objectives or apply it to strategies that we get close to them.

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