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Degustabox December 2019

Where has this month gone?!?! It’s going so fast, it seems ages ago since I got this box! Let’s see what was inside. Granola Bars…


Where has this month gone?!?! It’s going so fast, it seems ages ago since I got this box!

Let’s see what was inside.

Granola Bars – Made Good

Gluten-free bars perfect for packed lunches. These are now in my car for when I need a snack while on the road. I am always on the road!

Gruyère and Spinach Twists – Ardens Fine Food

I love these, it’s so hard to stop eating them, espcially with dips!

Alcohol Cocktail Gummies – Smith & Sinclair

These are such a good idea! Alcohol gummies! They are expensive for how many you get though but I always think they would make a great gift or put on out on each place if having a dinner party! They’re fab but not something you would just eat all the time due to the price.

Teriyaki Street Food kit & Thai Holy Basil stir fry kit – Blue Dragon

We’ve not tried these yet but we love this type of food and are a fan of the Blue Dragon products so I’m sure theese will be fab!


Popped Crisps – UFIT Crunchers

Protien crisps are never going to be the same as normal crisps but these come close!  Loved how well seasoned these were! Yum!

Chocolate Milk / Dark – Indie Bay

It’s so hard to stop eating these once you stop – a satisfying snack that isn’t too bad on your waistline!

Vermouth & Tonic Spritz – Pedrino

I’m doing Dry Jan now but I drank this over Christmas. I love Vermouth, I usually drink it with lemonde but this was a nice refreshing change from all the wine!


DayTime Session IPA – Lagunitas

I love IPA. Sadly my fiance drank this. Said it was nice. He is not nice. 🙁

Green Tea, Cranberry, Cherry & Strawberry – Oteas

These are wasted on me as I don’t like flavoured tea! But I will give to a friend that does!

The following products were also in the box but for some reason, I didn’t take a photo of them?

Tropical Mango Sweet – Candy Kittens
Gloriously Grown – Whitworths
There was also a jar of Very Lazy Garlic but it was leaking as I opened the box so I had to throw away. Pity as I would have loved that!


  1. Everything looks great – but I have a soft spot for the Indie Bat pretzels! They are so yummy – and now also covered in choc, soooooo lush x

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