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Tips on How to Keep Your Anxiety Away

Anxiety is a mental condition that has sadly become very common in the last few years. The main reason why this disease is so frightening…


Anxiety is a mental condition that has sadly become very common in the last few years. The main reason why this disease is so frightening is that it can damage and alter the original chemistry of your brain.

The only way that you can improve your condition is when you finally decide to take anti-anxiety action. There are so many ways in which you can help calm and relax your brain and body. That too without taking much time! Read on as we discuss a few tips using which you can bid adieu to anxiety – efficiently and quickly.


Play the 5-5-5 game

Negative thinking is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. The 5-5-5 game helps to break this negative loop.

In this game, you have to look around and name five things that you see, list five sounds that you hear, and move about five body parts that you can feel. Before you judge this game as silly, it’s a method that definitely works.

Sniff massage oils

Massage oils are basically essential oils that are loaded with healing properties. Lavender oil, for example, is one such oil. It helps to promote calmness that can lead to deep, restful sleep. Even in cases of migraines and headaches, sniffing lavender oil can be really grateful.

If you suffer from frequent anxiety attacks, keep a bottle of lavender oil in your bag or desk. You can either breathe in the massage oil or just massage it into your temples.

Start meditating

Meditation helps to provoke the inside tranquility that can instantly subside anxiety attacks. When you meditate, you are basically gifting yourself some solitude and serenity. Always take out time to start the day with meditation that can help to invoke positivity in you. This can be really useful if you are suffering from high levels of anxiety.

Say bye to caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine is actually quite a well-known anxiety inducer while alcohol can change the levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain. All this can make your symptoms even worse.

This can be difficult at first because a lot of people view alcohol as a relaxant that can help to make a person feel better. The same goes for caffeine as many people enjoy drinking coffee. Yet, these two items are the ones that can worsen your anxiety, so say no to them.

Drink lots of water

Water, however, is something that is imperative to drink. One of the main reasons that you’re suffering from anxiety is due to heart palpitations that are triggered by dehydration.

Drinking adequate water can help you to be hydrated, which will limit feelings of panic. If you feel that you are starting to feel anxious, instantly take a few moments to relax and drink a large glass of water.

Eat something

Our tight schedules can often make us forget to eat anything until late afternoon or evening. An empty stomach can lead to low blood sugar levels which, in turn, can make you feel irritable, nervous, and anxious.

Keeping this in mind, it will be better for you to make sure that you have a well-balanced meal that consists of carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables. In case of emergencies, you can always eat a banana.

Stand up straight

According to Tamar Chansky, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety, when we feel anxious, “we protect our upper body – where our heart and lungs are located – by hunching over.”

If you want to get relief from anxiety, immediately stand up in an upright position with your chest opened and put your shoulders back. Your feet should be evenly planted and wide apart as well. After taking this stance, start breathing deeply and remind yourself that you aren’t in any danger and very much in control. 

There might be cases when you cannot stand up (i.e. in a car). Here, pull your shoulders back and start taking deep breaths. Just ensure that you are not in a hunched position.

You will be amazed at the difference that the right posture can bring to keep anxiety in check.

Go to bed early

Getting eight hours of sleep is as it is important for your mental and physical well-being. A lot of people assume that staying up late can help them meet their deadlines or get work done. But, this is a bad habit that needs to be changed pronto especially for people that suffer from anxiety.

Sleep deprivation can amplify the anticipatory reactions of our brain. This can raise your anxiety levels while making you feel lethargic and irritable. Instead of this, go to bed early and wake up early as well. But then again, make sure that you get seven hours of sleep at least. Alternatively, you can use CBD products from Formula Swiss to help you sleep better.

Watch a funny video

Not a lot of people are aware of the magic that comedy has on your mind. Watching your favourite comedian or even a blooper reel can help you overcome anxiety really fast. Since that is the goal, turning to entertainment is one of anxiety’s best cures.

In addition to this, laughter helps to relax your body by bringing in oxygen-rich air. This can help stimulate your heart and lungs all the while spiking your endorphins. So, laughter certainly the best medicine in case of anxiety.

Embrace that your feelings aren’t facts

Negative emotions like guilt, low self-esteem, and shame can adversely affect patients with anxiety. Trying to convince people that these feelings aren’t accurate is one of the hardest jobs of any psychotherapist.

While it is tricky to overcome these feelings, it is not impossible.

With time, you will be able to understand that these emotions are only rooted in your unconscious and nobody around you thinks of you in the negative light that you see yourself in. By working consistently on invoking positivity in your life, you’ll soon have just that.

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  1. I read these tips with great interest.
    I suffer from anxiety – particularly with respect to making decisions and with calling people on the phone to make appointments. I think Murphy’s law runs strong in and with me, but I do try to overcome it via sessions with my shrink.
    I will be trying some of these ten tips:
    I love the 5-5-5 game tip, the tips to drink water, to eat something tip, and to watch funny videos;
    The embrace that my feelings aren’t facts is a great tip!
    The stand up straight part is a hard one for me (painful due to spinal problems), but I could try massage oils and drinking more water.
    The hardest tips for me would be:
    Going to bed early (I’m a night bird), and;
    Although I haven’t had a drink in 31 years, giving up caffeine would be rough – I get headaches and tend to go catatonic without a half a pot of coffee.
    These do seem like excellent tips for helping with anxiety – I wrote them down! 😀

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