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Playing Host This Christmas? Prep Your Home!

If the role of host has fallen on you this year, then you only have two weeks today. If you’re reading this on Wednesday the…


If the role of host has fallen on you this year, then you only have two weeks today. If you’re reading this on Wednesday the 11th, there is exactly two weeks to this day until Christmas. To say the run up to Christmas has been quick is an understatement. All of the sudden the Christmas rush is here, and there’s so much to do to try and prepare for it. The shops are filling up with people, there’s a notable increase in traffic on the roads, and the thoughts are whirring around in our minds as to what we need to get for people. So if on top of all of this, you’re playing host as well, then we definitely do feel sorry for you. The pressure to get either Christmas day or boxing day perfect is intense, and we want to try and help you a little. Whilst you might have spent your time thinking about the food, we want to think about your home. If you carry on reading, you’ll find out how you can prep the second most judged thing on Christmas and Boxing day!

Cleaning Up The Tiny Faults 

Whether you like it or not, the people coming into your home are going to be judging it as much as they will be judging the food. We can’t help it as humans, we like to pick out faults so we feel better about our own. But there will no doubt be niggling little faults with your home that you have neglected to fix, but now is the time. One of the most commonly ignored faults in a home, is a stain on the furniture or on the carpet. If you have a household full of children, this is going to be pretty much unavoidable. However, it is easy to solve when you think about actioning it. Using a Devine Rug Wash to try and first clean the area is essential. Then if the stain still hasn’t removed, you could use stain specific treatment to try and get rid of it. Or, if the rug is just old and needing a change, treat yourself just before Christmas! 

Create The Space

Space is going to be needed if you’re playing Host to a fair few people. However, with everything everywhere after Christmas day, it can be a nightmare to do so. One idea is to keep the kids eating in one room, and the adults in another. A kitchen table could hold the children, and you could invest in a table that opens up to a bigger one, to hold all the adults if you need to. It might be that all you need to do is tidy the presents away and set the table if you’re not playing host to many. 

Feeling Extra Festive

Make sure your home is extra festive whilst you can. There is only a limited amount of time to make the most of this great time of year, so don’t miss out on feeling all festive. 

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