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What I do now I don’t blog daily

Hello. It’s been a while since I stopped blogging daily. Just over two months. 5 and a half years of daily posts and now I…



It’s been a while since I stopped blogging daily. Just over two months. 5 and a half years of daily posts and now I put zero pressure on myself to get blog posts out.

I don’t regret quitting at all. I feel like when I started daily blogging I had loads of ideas, time, motivation and stuff to actually write about. Maybe I ran out of ideas, or motivation, or both.

daily blogging

I can’t tell you how free I feel. I used to get anxiety every time I made social plans because I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to blog. My mind would go overdrive trying to figure out my schedule and when I’d have a spare 30 minutes or so to get something done.

Now I am much more relaxed around plans and can make time to see my friends and family without feeling guilty.

Another thing I’ve done is spent a lot of time playing the piano.

I’ve also started playing Fortnight. I was a big gamer a few years ago but then blogging came and I didn’t have time to do both. I used to play Call of Duty a lot and loved it. I’m glad I’ve started playing this as it’s a good escape and the games don’t last too long so it’s not a massive time investment.

I’ve also started taking baths! Just spending time in the bath watching an episode on something on Netflix is something I wouldn’t have done in the past. Now I really enjoy it.

Speaking of Netflix – I now catch up on TV shows. I didn’t use to watch TV apart from with my boyfriend before. Now I watch things on my own. I’ve just finished Working Moms and now I’m watching season of 3 of Atypical.

Overall, I’m a lot more relaxed and I feel like I’m actually living life now.

This might have been the best idea I’ve ever had.


  1. Your home looks very clean, neat, very well planned and designed, and like a real treat to live in! I also love that big easy to read analog clock (I hate the digital clocks that totally lose the time with the smallest power-blink). That modern bathtub with its flexible shower hose, and the Maison+White tub-tray looks wonderful to bathe and relax in.
    You look fabulous. Your hair looks gorgeous and healthy and your OOTD looks classy yet comfortable.
    Kudos on your piano lessons, practising, enjoyment, and on maintaining a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle!
    xx <3 🙂

  2. I am so happy for you, Corinne! I completely understand the position you were in because I was the same way 2-3 years ago. I posted 3 times a week and would schedule my daily life around blogging. It was my top priority back then, even more than spending time with family because I get panicky when I miss a posting day. Looking back it was so foolish of me and now, I post once a week and if I don’t feel like it then there will be no post.

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