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4 Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets

Summer might just be a dog’s favourite season. The weather is just right for daily walks. Sunshine is abundant, which means plenty of lazy afternoons…


Summer might just be a dog’s favourite season. The weather is just right for daily walks. Sunshine is abundant, which means plenty of lazy afternoons soaking up some rays in the backyard. And the swimming — canines love to doggie paddle. There are a lot of reasons dogs and their owners like summer so much. Despite all of the good stuff that comes with the season, summer can pose some serious risks to the health and happiness of your dog. Keep your four-legged best friend safe with these summertime safety tips.

summer pet tips

Dog Shoes for Healthy Pads

Dogs’ pads provide insulation for their feet, help with balance, slowing down and stopping, provide traction and act as little shock absorbers for the joints and bones that make up their legs and feet. Pads are very durable, and dogs’ pads can withstand rigorous activity and wear. Taking care of your pet’s feet is essential, especially during the summer season when common problems with pads can arise. Hot pavement can result in burns and blisters, as well as dry and cracked paws that can put your dog at risk for infection. Burned paws are serious, and require immediate veterinary assistance. Keep your pet’s pads healthy and protected with dog shoes or booties. There are a variety of dog booties available in a range of sizes that are tailored to certain activities, from adventures on the trail to casual walks around the neighborhood.

Dog Life Vests for Water Safety

Just like people, all dogs have different abilities, temperaments and physical conditions. And while most retrievers like to swim, dogs of the same breed that might be overweight or older may encounter problems in the water. Even some of the best swimmers wear life jackets, too. If your summer travels are taking you to the closest lake, ocean or river, consider packing along a dog life vest for your pet. These potentially life-saving devices are easy to put on and are very durable. Plus, they are available in a wide variety of different sizes so you can find a style that’s a perfect fit for your pet.

Security Camera System for Summer Safety

Dog owners know it’s not always easy to keep an eye on pets. One minute they’re sitting obediently, the next they’re digging into the trash. While you can’t always keep tabs on your pets, you can get help with a little assistance from a home security camera system. Great for inside your home or outside in your dog’s play area, home security camera systems are like an extra set of eyes, whether you’re at home or away. You can even check in on your pet using your smartphone, which might result in some funny footage.

Refilling Water Bowls for All-Day Hydration

You’ve probably heard the saying about eight glasses of water a day. That’s a good goal to aim for. And when it comes to dogs, their water needs vary. In most cases, most dogs need about one ounce of fluids per pound of body weight each day. If your pet weighs 10 pounds it’s estimated that they need just over one cup of clean water on a daily basis. However, this varies. And high temperatures in the summer can make your dog thirsty. Make sure that your pet always has enough water during the summer, and through the other seasons, too, with a self-refilling water bowl. These bowls are great for people who work outside of the home or spend time away on a daily basis.

There’s so much to love about summer. Use these pet safety tips to keep your dog safe and happy all season long.


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