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Everyone Works Best In A More Relaxed Setting: Making Your Home Better For Your Productivity

Do you work from home, or you have lots of little side projects that require a lot of attention? Well, then you’ll know all about how you need that time to yourself, and how valuable a good working area is. It’s a lot harder to be productive and serious when you’re sat at home because there are so many different ways you can be distracted. If I’m not mindlessly scrolling Instagram, I’m stuffing my face with peanut buttercups while watching clips on TikTok. BACK TO WORK PLEASE. It’s not like being in an office at your employer’s actual workplace; that is a purpose-built area, and your mind becomes firmly fixed on working as soon as you step in the door. 

Everyone Works Best In A More Relaxed Setting: Making Your Home Better For Your Productivity

When you’re working from the comfort of your own home, you need to have fairly professional and serious vibes – that’s a given. You also need to be comfy in your surroundings. Now, because it’s your home, you’re probably going to be ‘comfortable’ anyway. That’s not exactly what we’re getting at here, though. We’re talking about comfort in a mental sense – you need to be in the right frame of mind; a setting full of distractions and other issues will only slow down your productivity. 

Have you ever tried working in an environment that you absolutely hate? It’s really difficult to do, isn’t it? Here are a few things you can do to your home so that more work can be done within the confines of it.  

Everyone Works Best In A More Relaxed Setting: Making Your Home Better For Your Productivity

Declutter And Organize

One of the biggest ways your working day can be impeded is through the litter and mess next to you getting in the way. It’s hard to concentrate on the more important things when you have annoying stuff entering your peripheral vision. It doesn’t matter how attentive you are, sooner or later, something will give! Clutter also tends to simply bring people down. Just seeing things lying around makes people way more negative. Do yourself a favour: take some of it out when you have free time. Make the area neater – it’ll help a lot. 

Turn Your Spare Room Into A Genuine Office Space

We touched on it earlier, but the environment you work in helps a lot. Sitting on the couch means you’ll go slow – you just will. Creating a study room or an office – it’ll speed you up. Even if it’s just a table, a chair, and a set of drawers; it’s better than before! 

Make Your Garden Cozy!

People love working outside – especially during the summer months. We just talked about how an office does wonders for productivity, but sometimes you need a change of scenery. Your garden (if you have one) is a great place to sit and work in. Doing a little DIY or installing a few extras can really boost your mood while sat out in it, too. Creating a little sitting area, installing an outdoor fire, and making the place generally prettier all contribute to the comfort that we’re searching for. 


Okay, you’re probably going to need your computer and some Wi-Fi in order to work fully. What we’re talking about here is the rest of the electronics that might distract you. The biggest culprit is your smartphone – thanks to the likes of social media, so many people have become addicted to their phones, and it stops them from performing to their full potential. Switch off a little; you don’t need to know what’s happening on Twitter or Instagram!

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  • Helen

    Great tips! Admittedly, we have an office, but I will often grab my laptop and work in bed (eek!). Definitely, get rid of mess. It’s such a distracting brain drain, isn’t it?!

    I’m working on making the garden more inviting to work in, as I find I’m quite productive out there. And it’s gorgeous weather at the moment, isn’t it. Hope you’re enjoying the sun!

    Lots of love, Helen x

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