5 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom

It’s very important that your bedroom is your very own sanctuary of calm and relaxation, but it can be a struggle not to blur the…


It’s very important that your bedroom is your very own sanctuary of calm and relaxation, but it can be a struggle not to blur the lines especially if you find yourself working from your bed, if you have a desk in your bedroom, or regularly stay up late watching films while propped up amid your pillows.

First things first, you should try to be a little more strict with yourself about working and enjoying your free time in the bedroom, as doing so can make it feel less like an oasis of serenity and more like a multi-purpose room in the home, and this isn’t going to aid you in learning to treat it as a space whereby you settle down, empty your mind, and sleep.

In order to transform your bedroom, continue to read over the following six tips towards improving the way it feels and looks, and most importantly, how much you love it.

5 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom

Soft Furnishings

Changing up your soft furnishings is perhaps the most straightforward way to transform your bedroom, as it usually involves treating yourself to a new duvet set, a set of cushions and pillows, adding or replacing the blankets, the rug, and the curtains. Once the operation is complete, your bedroom can enjoy an entirely different accent. So, if you’re seeking a more sedate scene, then try opting for soft colours such as pale blues, soft greys, lavender, dirty pale greens, and even dark blue interchanged with pale blues.

Begin the process by taking down the curtains first and giving them a thorough wash, and while you’re there, ensure that you clean up the windows, the grout, the window ledge, and make the panes shine.


The lighting in your bedroom is crucial to having a bedroom that you love. It sets the mood when it gives off a low glow and can make you feel at peace. However, if you rely too heavily on bright overhead lighting, it can make the room feel oppressive and eventually even cause headaches. Such is best avoided, so opt for soft pendant lamps, bedside lamps, and those that use a lower wattage bulb so to avoid over-illumination.

Secondly, when it comes to lighting, be clever with it and use it to highlight particularly attractive elements in your room, such as art prints, photographs, and attractive displays. Use candles and fairy lights to inject some romance and restful vibes into the room, and consider controlled lighting that you can adjust using a remote or your smartphone.

Adding A Large Wardrobe

Don’t underestimate the power and influence of having a tidy and clutter-free bedroom, so it’s time to think more about adding more ample storage space to house your clothes and organise your life. Built-in wardrobes can be blissful, but not all home are built with them, and having one created can be expensive. If your budget can fit far enough, then it’s a wise investment to ensure that you can keep your clothes, bags, laundry, and a whole list of other items are tucked out of sight.

If a built-in wardrobe isn’t feasible, however, then think more seriously about getting a large wardrobe for the room, having some inside lighting installed so that it adds a touch of luxury, and of course, convenience, and arrange your clothes in an order that suits you. Installing your own lighting can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing so searching for ‘the best electricians in my area,’ for instance, and find which are the most efficient, reliable, and reputable.

Headboard Galore

Bring the look of your room together with the help of a headboard. A bedroom without one can feel a little bare. Browse through a variety of headboards and get a feeling for which one might structure your bedroom a little more.

Add A Large Print

Accent walls are very well and good, but they can feel heavy and blocky if not done correctly. They fall in and out of fashion and can make a small room feel even smaller, so before getting one, think long and seriously. Instead of painting an entire wall and disliking it only a few months down the line, choose from a range of large prints that you can display on the wall and give off an artistic vibe.

A large print could be all you need to transform your room and give it a central focus and a stylish talking point. Art is extremely personal, so don’t hurry your thought and deliberation process. Take your time in finding the art that’s right for you, and suits the mood of your room as well as your personality.

Transforming your bedroom could see you falling in love with it all over again and so by starting with these tips in this article, you will find that the process of doing so is actually very easy. You will be able to turn your bedroom into a stylish place where you will want to spend all your time.

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  1. Well, I have to renew the pillows because I feel they have already completed their cycle, I also need an organizer cabinet and the idea of a change of headboard has also been around my mind, I hope to be able to fulfill at least two of these three changes before the end of the year, thanks for the tips!

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