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5 things you need in your Pinterest profile

Now I’m getting back on the Pinterest train, I thought I better start looking into my profile and get things on track. Setting up a profile is natural to some people, others need a little help with what they should be putting in their profiles. So here are some tips –

5 things you need in your Pinterest profile

Your bio photo.

Have a photo of yourself in your bio rather than your logo if you have a logo – a logo can make you seem more like a company than an actual person.

Of course, if you are a company, that’s fine. But if you are an individual, even if you do sell services, a picture can make you feel more human and relatable.

Name and tagline.

My bio name is Corinne | Blog Tips & Growth.

This tells people what my Pinterest page is about. In general, it’s better to stick to one niche for SEO purposes rather than having a board about blog tips, then one about makeup looks, then one about fashion, then one about home. Keeping everything on one topic can boost the chances of your pins showing up in search, so 99% of my boards are to do with blogging, social media, or small business tips.

5 things you need in your Pinterest profile


It’s a no brainer that you should put a link to your website in your bio link. You might also consider linking to a landing page instead, so rather than just going to your blogs home page, a user will see exactly what you want them to see which could be a ‘start here’ page or a collection of your most popular posts.


If your business is location-based or not, still put your location in your bio – not just ‘UK’ or ‘The World’. Not only is it relatable, but if you have some posts on some legalities, it helps people understand which countries these laws apply to (eg disclosure laws)


Your bio gives you the chance to tell a bit about yourself. Be clever and get across that part you want people to know – get across what benefit you account offers them.

You can also use this to slip another link in. For example, my profile has a link to a blog series post that might be helpful to some people visiting my profile.

1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.

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