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5 things you need in your Instagram Bio

Having a kick-ass Instagram bio can be the difference between someone following you and someone leaving your profile, never to think about you again. The…


Having a kick-ass Instagram bio can be the difference between someone following you and someone leaving your profile, never to think about you again.

The trick isn’t to get as many people as possible to follow you and engage with you – it’s to get the right people. The people that have similar interests, that need what you have to offer and can relate to you. So you need to get that across in your bio.

Name field.

The name field is important as it’s the part that counts in Instagram search, mine says:

Corinne | My Fitness Journey

You need to put your company name, niche or something that you want to be known for in the name field. I put the word ‘fitness’ in mine as that is the main niche of my Instagram. Think about what keywords you want to target and use them.


You only have 150 characters, to sum up your bio. Think about what makes you unique.

I’ve chosen to use hashtags to tag my niche and my location. This is also a good place for a mission statement if you have one and a branded hashtag if you have created one. Some people use emojis to bullet point important information.

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You can only have one link in your bio, so it can seem pretty limited. Some people just have the link to their homepage to the website. Others will have their latest post in their bio – when they post on Instagram, they will inform followers that the latest post is in their bio, or you can use a site called Linktree.

Linktree allows you to add more than one links in your bio, highlighting many websites or blog posts you want people to see. For me, I have this blog, my fitness blog, my twitter and some posts I think people might like to read.


Highlights are great to niching down your story content even further. I have a few categories, such as a highlight for my cat, one for food, one for travel, one for home etc. This is a way to save some of your best stories to your highlights so they don’t disappear after 24 hours. It’s a good way of showing those new to your profile what kind of content they can expect from you.

You can create covers for your highlights so they are all the same, which looks slicker than having any photo as the highlight cover. The best place to get these from is Pinterest. Just search Instagram Highlight Covers and you’ll find loads!

Your profile picture.

I’ve said this a thousand times and I’m sure I’ll say it again and again – use the same profile picture for Instagram that you use for every other social media account. This makes you easy to identify across all platforms!

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  1. This was helpful, we struggled to decide what to include in our bio in all platforms, but this will make it a walk in the park x

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