Modern Prairie Trend


When I saw ASOS had a section called ‘Modern Prairie Trend’ I couldn’t help but click. Reminds me of my childhood watching Little House on the Prairie. I actually don’t remember anything about it other than I used to love it!

I wish I was going on holiday now because I love the look of all of these! I just don’t really have a good enough excuse to buy them! Ha.

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  • Panty Buns

    I too love the looks of the ‘Modern Prairie Trend’ dresses from Asos shown above! My favourite is the first dress (upper left). I love the tiered styling, puffy sleeves, scalloped neckline and crochet lace detail above the hem . I also love the dress in the centre with the ruched bodice and puffy short sleeves, as well as the colour and style of the maxi-dress on the right hand side. The ‘Modern Prairie Trend’ dresses are a lovely look.

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