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Let’s just get rid of likes and follower counts all together

Yay it’s happening!

Instagram has started testing hiding like count in some countries. This is in a bid to help Instagram become a healthier environment and less like a competition.

Users will still be able to see how many likes their photos get, but other people won’t.

In a world of bots, Instapods and like-for-like threads, this can only be a good thing. Right before writing this post, I had some girl like about 15 of my photos in the same minute. I’m getting sick of people liking things for likes back, or spam likes and comments.

This will encourage more engagement on the platform. I am confident it will also encourage more spam comments too and they’ll be a shift from people buying likes to buying followers instead.

That’s what I think we should also hide follower counts.

It is too easy for fake numbers on Instagram. More emphasis can be put on engagement and actual sale from advertising products on Instagram accounts, rather than likes. Although as these figures are not hidden from the user, there is nothing to stop influencers telling brands how many likes they get on average or how many likes a post has got. I’m also sure they’ll be ways people try to get around it, such as putting average like stats in their bios.

 I’m sure it will be a change a lot of people will hate. But I’m 100% for it. Since I’ve stopped using loads of hashtags, my like count has gone down as I don’t have spam accounts liking posts from the hashtags I’m using.

and I couldn’t care less.

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