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Degustabox July – Picnic edition

It’s that time again! Degustabox is here, offering tasty treats to try for the month. Don’t forget to use my code for a discount when…


Degustabox July

It’s that time again! Degustabox is here, offering tasty treats to try for the month.

Don’t forget to use my code for a discount when you buy your own Degustabox!


Degustabox July

Greek flatbread – My Deli Kitchen

Loved this and made lamb gyros with them! Will 100% make them again!

Degustabox July

Butterscotch Coffee Syrup – Monin

I’ve seen these syrups before but never tried them. It’s a lovely addition to a coffee in place of sugar. I might have to try the caramel one!

Degustabox July

Original Cayenne – Frank’s RedHot

We have loads of chilli sauce opened, so this isn’t something we will get to for some time but chilli sauce is always handy to have in to give a kick to any meal.

Degustabox July

Coconut Bites Sesame Seed – Ape Snacks

I’m not sure I’ll like this 150 calorie snack seeing as I’m not a fan of coconut! A great sweet snack for those who do like it though!

Degustabox July

Ribena Frusion.

I loved this! Ribena has such a lovely taste. I drank it all at the gym during a workout. It is low in calories but not completely free of them!


Degustabox July

Belgium Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Minis – Kallo

I love these, it’s like having 6 chocolate biscuits but they’re only 104 calories. They’re divided into packs of 6 which is great for portion control or taking on the go!

Degustabox July

Simply Cook Piri Piri Chicken 2 Step Meal Kit

I can’t wait to try this! It’s a way to cook meals at home, there’s seasoning for the meat and even potato seasoning for the wedges!

Degustabox July

Pineapple & Yuzu Salsa – English Provender

I can’t do with sweet ‘food’ like this so it’s not something I’ll be trying! The idea of putting this on burgers as suggested makes me feel a bit gross. I feel like it should go in the bin, along with pineapple pizza!

Degustabox July

Vegan Tortilla Chips with Beetroot – Mister Free’d
Beetroot. Another thing I’m not a fan off! I always feel like you might as well just have normal tortilla chips because the calories and fat are still the same. Beetroot seems a bit of a fad at the moment.

Degustabox July

Squish’ems & Sours Sharing Bags – Rowntrees® Randoms®
YES YES YES. I love sweets and I barely got a look in with these as my boyfriend basically ate them all. Send more please, Degustabox!

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