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Why do we binge drink?

When I went to see the Spice Girls, I had a great time. When the show was over, something shocked me: the number of drunk…


When I went to see the Spice Girls, I had a great time. When the show was over, something shocked me: the number of drunk women stumbling all over the place, screaming and shouting. One even fell over on her bottom. Her friends had to help her up.

A few years ago, I would have been drunk too, singing and shouting and thinking I was amazing, not realising what a twat I was making of myself.

Why do we binge drink?

It got worse as I walked around the stadium and was heading back to my car. I was astonished of the number of women laid on the floor, ambulances everywhere. At one point I almost got ran over by a medic on a bike.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Before we went to the stadium, we went for a meal and to a bar. There were loads of women dressed up in Spice Girls t-shirts drinking from 2 pm. They were pretty loud then. Shouting and screaming. It was now 11 pm. One drunk girl was pulling a branch of a tree while her friend took a photo on her phone. I don’t know either, but I wish I could see their reaction to that photo the morning after.

It was just – awful. I’m all for people having a good time and laughing with friends, but they were just a mess.

Why do people get like this? Why do they binge drink to the point where they are falling over?

Thing is, I’ve been there. I’ve been so drunk I’ve blacked out. I’ve woken up in bed, fully dressed with a half-eaten burger on the floor and panicked about what had happened the night before.

It has to stop. We put ourselves in dangerous situations. I’m not just talking about the risk of being attacked (I totally get that it’s the men that shouldn’t be attacking, not the women that shouldn’t be drunk!) but also in regards to getting home safely. It would be easy to black out somewhere outside, stumble into the road, fall into a canal.

Not to mention the damage we do to our body. You think you are young and can take it. Next thing you know, it’s 10 years later and you’re in your 30s still expecting your body to take it.

Binge drinking seems like such a problem these days. People don’t enjoy a glass of wine anymore or drink beer for the taste. It’s often about getting drunk and it’s a big part of our culture. If you don’t drink, people are curious about why. It’s like social suicide to not drink. It’s questioned and people assume that you are not very much fun.

Most social gathering revolves around drinking. I’ve found that tough in the past few months when I have had to cut down on the booze. But seeing all those girls unable to control themselves the other night has been a real eye-opener to me and why I have stopped drinking.

Are you a heavy drinker?

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  1. Seeing drunk adults falling around, not knowing what they are doing, is just so sad. It is indeed a big problem in Western culture. I remember serving drinks to western tourists and wondering how they manage to stay alive and function if they drink so much on daily basis? The amount of alcohol some people take in is really worrying. It doesn’t matter if it is liquor or beer. If you have liters and liters of beers then that is just as bad as drinking heavy liquor. If one gets drunk or tipsy on daily basis or even a few times a week, then that person is an alcoholic and needs help.

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