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Why no-one is reading your blog

Have you ever wrote a blog post that you think is amazing and then go to hit publish and all you get is tumbleweed? It…


Have you ever wrote a blog post that you think is amazing and then go to hit publish and all you get is tumbleweed?

It happens to the best of us. There are some blog posts that I’ve worked really hard on and they do so bad. Others can take 20 minutes to write and they just seem to do well! There are no hacks into what causes one piece of content to go viral over another, but there are things you can do to increase the chances of that happening.

Here are some reasons that no-one is reading your blog.

Why no-one is reading your blog

Your post titles are crap.

Oh God, I am guilty of this! I had a blog post the other day with the title ‘Bedding’. I swear I had changed it to something more interesting, like ‘New bedding ideas for a new house’. But alas, I must have missed the boat on that one and now the title is forever poo.

Try to make your blog post titles exciting! Something that makes someone not to click. ‘Bedding’ is not exciting. Shoot me.

You don’t visit other peoples blogs.

A lot of blogging is about building relationships. You can’t expect to get noticed if you just post content and don’t work on making friends within the community. I used to spend hours commenting on other peoples blog posts when I first started blogging. You don’t have to spend loads of time, but getting out there and starting a conversation with people is a great way to get noticed!

You’re not on Twitter

I went the first year or so of blogging without being on social media. Big regret.

When I started using Twitter to interact with others and built a following, I started to get traffic from Twitter when I posted my blog posts! I kicked myself that I hadn’t done it sooner!

You’re not adding value.

Unless you’re already YouTube famous or something, the harsh reality is that nobody will really care what you have been up to on your day off work. You need to add value to get readers – teach them something, entertain them, make them laugh and solve their problems.

You neglect SEO.

Search engine traffic is lovely when you get it right! It seems complicated, but a few simple steps added to your blog post could mean the right people find your blog post at the right time.

Start with this SEO audit to get more traffic!


  1. As always you offer great tips! Building relationship is important and so is adding value to post. People will need a reason to visit, it will never happen on its own. Whether its good SEO or something else, there is always a reason why someone comes to our blog. Like you said, if you’re not famous people are really not that interested. It is up to bloggers to keep them interested.

  2. I’m not a blogger but I do read a lot of blogs and you are so right about the titles – if the title doesn’t interest me then I won’t be clicking through to read the post. Same applies to the first sentence – the bit that can be seen in my Bloglovin’ feed :o)

  3. I am rubbish at writing titles for blog posts, so bad. lol I have no imagination when it comes to them. x

  4. Another good tip is to check your blog’s spam filters once in a while to make sure legitimate thoughtful comments haven’t been mistakenly trapped there. If people repeatedly spend the time to carefully read your posts and leave germane comments but those comments never get published, eventually those readers may not bother to return.

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