The unexpected joy of being sober

I decided to read The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray after I enjoyed the Sober Diaries so much.

I’ve basically quit drinking this year, apart from the very occasional glass of one (about once a month) when I’ve gone out for a meal. When I do something like this, I find if I read and research a lot about it, it keeps me motivated. Reading The Sober Diaries kept reassuring me that I had made the right choice! I struggle to moderate after I’ve had a couple of drinks, so it’s best to stick to the strict one drink or none at all.

The biggest difference between the two books is The Sober Diaries is more about a woman who drank a bit too much and was drinking more than she would like. Catherine’s story is a little different – she was physically addicted to alcohol to the point it was ruining her life. Claire had the potential to be in the same position but stopped herself sooner.

The book starts with an awful story of being in a prison cell thanks to alcohol. Her stories are extreme. She screwed up relationships, her career and wasn’t a very nice person to those around her.

The book then goes into her sober story. It is inspiring in parts, but towards the end, it starts to drag a little bit. I kept thinking the book was going to end, and it never did. As I read it on my iPad, I had no concept of how much longer I had left. I felt like the last few chapters were more like a textbook with facts and figures about drinking. It just went on a little bit too long in my opinion.

I think the biggest problem I had with the book is that she was extreme drinking, I personally found that hard to relate to as I couldn’t see myself in her story. This book is a 10 time best seller though, so what do I know?

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