Organising our new kitchen

Ladies and gents – the packing is well underway for the big move to the new house and while I hate packing, I do enjoy…


Ladies and gents – the packing is well underway for the big move to the new house and while I hate packing, I do enjoy unpacking and organising things just how I want them.

The kitchen is going to be my favourite thing and I can’t wait to organise it! I’ve been looking at some storage ideas for things I want to make things easy and tidier in the new house!

A tray for cutting boards is something I need to invest in. We currently store ours by the side of the microwave but I’d much rather have a rack for them and have them hidden away!

In our utility room, we have extra space because we have a combined washer and dryer. Although the dream would be to have a big room with cold room doors from MTCSS with space behind to store food, we are thinking of buying an extra freezer for frozen meat storage to put in the gap.

A spice rack is something I want to invest it, too. We use spices all the time and it would be nice to have something that matched rather than a mixture of random pots!

I’d love an extendable airer for the utility room, but I’m just not sure where it would fit – maybe over the worktop? I’m worried if we put it on the wall the door may slam into it and break it when it was extended. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this utility room!

A pan stand – amazing. Stacking pans and trays are my worst thing. We have them on a shelve at the moment and it’s just awkward. But this pan stacker lets you adjust to the size of your pans.

A plate stacker for the cupboard is also a must to get the most out of the space.

Finally – a basket for cleaning products. I’d a couple of these in the utility room so we can carry everything around without having cleaning products out in the bathroom as we have now!

So that’s my plan for the kitchen. Do you have any storage ideas?

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  1. Such a good idea! Looks simple and eays but we actually have to thing about the space we really have!
    Great post!

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