How to remain calm when you’re frustrated.

I’m usually quite a reserved person and when it comes to showing my emotions, I can be a bit of an ice queen. Though the…


I’m usually quite a reserved person and when it comes to showing my emotions, I can be a bit of an ice queen. Though the past few months I’ve been finding it hard to keep it all inside. Feeling like I just want to explode and vent to everyone.

I need a bit of a reminder of how to stay calm.

I can go one of two ways when I am angry, either completely shut off and not show any emotion, or absolutely lose it to the point I feel out of control. It’s one of my many wonderful qualities. With age, I have found I’ve become much braver with saying what I really think and feel, which means I’m more inclined to show my feelings than hide them. Although it’s freeing, it can land me in a bit of trouble. Here are some reminders of what you should do when you are angry.

How to remain calm when you're frustrated.

Walk away.

If you are feeling like you may explode and let rip at someone, then walk away from the situation. Saying things in the heat of the moment might feel good right there and then, but you might end up saying something you may later regret. Once you have said something, you can’t unsay it – so be careful.

Have a calm tactic up your sleeve.

If you find yourself in a frustrating situation that is prolonged or that you can’t immediately walk away from it can help to have additional support up your sleeve. 

One way of doing this is to have a plan of action in place before you arrive. This may mean having a code word that you can say or text to your other half or a friend so they can come and rescue you. If it’s a social situation you may even want to take a bottle of wine, both for its calming properties and as an excuse to nip out and refill your glass when your hackles rise. Of course, if you’d rather not risk getting tipsy as a way to mask your frustration, you can always use something like these Delta 8 Disposables, instead. Then you can maximize your chances of staying calm and positive no matter what comes your way.

Think before you speak.

When you are going to say something to someone, make sure you are being rational in what you are saying. If you are speaking out of anger, it’s easy to say things out of spite to intentionally get at someone.

You are better than that. If you need to be direct, make sure you fully stand by and own what you say.

Don’t take it out on other people. 

If something or someone has annoyed you, you need to find a way to calm down and not take it out on other people. It’s easy to lash out when you are in a bad mood, but that person doesn’t know what has just happened and has no idea how you are feeling. If you are fed up about something and someone comes along and annoys you with something that wouldn’t be annoying on any other day, you need to learn to suck it up, buttercup, and treat others how you would like to be treated.

Being angry and annoyed happens to us all. How you control your emotions is what matters. Being out of control and acting irrationally can make you seem immature and sometimes a bit silly.

Learn to let things go! Life is easier that way.

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  1. I used to be so letting it all out when I got frustrated, because I found that if I held things in for too long, I would keep simmering until I reached a boiling point. Now I try to decide if letting my feelings known is worth it in the moment, keeping it to myself and brushing it off my shoulders, or waiting until a later time.

    I would add “PUTTING YOUR PHONE DOWN” as another way to remain calm, because if you’re having a chat with someone, it can be easy to just keep going! Just put the phone down, and go watch TV or do something relaxing.

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