Getting Organised: It’s Pretty Simple

While life definitely can be chaotic and difficult to keep track of, it doesn’t always have to be like this – at least not during…


While life definitely can be chaotic and difficult to keep track of, it doesn’t always have to be like this – at least not during your everyday life. Some people seem to be born a bit more organised than others; they keep all of their ducks in a row, fold their socks neatly, and couldn’t dream of leaving something unfinished.

Luckily, you can also become slightly more like this by simply following the tips below. That way, you might find that your studies are becoming a bit easier to keep track of all of the sudden or maybe you’re able to complete a work project a bit sooner than you anticipated.

Either way, it’s great news and it will certainly make your days feel a bit better when everything else is a mess.

Getting Organised: It's Pretty Simple

First: Start your workouts nice and early

Let’s start with one of those that most people struggle with. Before you get too enthusiastic and plan an hour-long workout you’re never going to follow through with, it’s better to be realistic about these plans. You might be awake and ready to take on the world at the moment but, when the world is still dark outside and you have the whole day ahead of you still, these plans are not going to seem too tempting.

Try to set your alarm just fifteen minutes earlier than you usually wake up. That way, you won’t be as sleepy as you’d be if you were to wake up an hour earlier – and that quick run won’t seem as overwhelming either.

A ten or fifteen minutes run might actually be all you need to get started. Remind yourself about that warm shower you get to enjoy when you’re back in addition to that post-workout glow you’ll be wearing for the next couple of hours; it might not be much but it could be enough to fool yourself out of bed and into your workout shoes.

Next: Get tidy

A clean and neat house will make your mind much more at peace as well. Having it clean is one thing, though, but if you keep bringing things into the house without ever throwing anything out, it’s really just going to get more cluttered over time. Learn to let go of your stuff, embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, and you might find that having it clean becomes a bit easier too.

This is something you should do before you start deep cleaning your house or flat, though, so that everything can be a bit more orderly before you get started for real.

Go through everything from your wardrobes to those kitchen drawers you always just toss random things into, tidy up in your bookshelves, and consider working your way through your garage as well. Remember that your virtual life might need a bit of a cleanup as well, though, so have a look at for some handy tips.

Create a list

Even if you’ve never been one of those people who creates lists for everything and meticulously ticks them off as they go, you should try it out just for a bit.

The point is that, when you’re able to see progress by having all of your tasks in a neat little row which you can cross out when you’ve completed them, it triggers your sense of achievement which will push you to keep going as you’re chasing the same feeling. Check out for some tips on how to get properly organised.

You’re not just working on some abstract list of tasks anymore but a comprehensible list where you get the satisfaction of ticking something off when it’s over with. It’s such an easy trick and ridiculously effective even when you know why it works.  

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