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Does your car really need servicing?

Getting your car regularly serviced can seem like a waste of time. Not to mention the hassle of making the appointment what to do when…

Getting your car regularly serviced can seem like a waste of time. Not to mention the hassle of making the appointment what to do when you’re waiting for the work on your car to be done. We live in a world where everything is GOGOGO. Spending a full day sorting out something like service can seem like more hassle than its worth.
It’s also not uncommon for people to neglect their car until it’s coming up to the colder months when we really want our car to perform during snow and car tyres and brakes to react properly in wet and icy conditions. I am a little guilty of this mindset too. My car is due for MOT in October and I always get it serviced at the same time! When I had brand new cars,  used to be terrible at getting them serviced as I didn’t have to have an MOT for the first three years.
If you don’t get your car serviced, then it can lead to problems later down the line. My first MOT on the car I have no ended up costing me £800 because I neglected to get it serviced!  It’s much better to plan to get your car serviced than to break down right before you need to do something important or plan on going on a trip, or end up having to pay our lots of money! If you plan on driving around a city such as London, it’s very important that your car is in top form. You can find yourself sat traffic, stopping and starting which can cause your car to overheat if the water in your coolant is low. I remember this happening to us in a drive-through safari park when I was younger and we had to stop and pull over! If your car is fully functional, then you will be able to whizz around busy cities with no problem, with peace of mind knowing your car has been serviced and you don’t need to worry about any disasters happening!
Servicing your car makes sure that both the interior and exterior of the car are fully functional. It takes into account everything like brakes, exhausts, car air conditioning etc. Again, driving around busy cities like London, where there are lots of people, means you want to make sure your car is safe to drive in case you have to do an emergency stop for a cyclist or pedestrian. You need to ensure your window wipers are sufficient enough to clear the screen you can see properly and your tyres are legal so they can perform well in wet conditions.
You can get different levels of service depending on your personal choice and how much wear and tear you put on your car. If you use your car for a long commute every day, it’s worth getting a full service. If you just use your car now and then to nip to Tesco on a Sunday afternoon, then a basic one might be more up your street. You can get a price quote for car servicing in London from DAT Tyre’s website.

Here are some warning signs that you need to get your car in for a service ASAP:

  • Your service engine light is on.
  • Smoke is coming from under the bonnet.
  • Your car isn’t as comfortable to ride over speed bumps, indicating a suspension problem.
  • Your car is making strange noises, such as squeaks when you press the brakes, whining under the bonnet or a louder exhaust than normal.
  • Your car vibrates or pulls when you brake.
How often do you get your car serviced?

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