Blogging tools that don’t work for me

There are many tools out there that people swear by. Some of them, I just can’t get along with! I can see the value they…


There are many tools out there that people swear by. Some of them, I just can’t get along with! I can see the value they add, but they just don’t work that well for me.

Blogging tools that don't work for me


The idea behind Trello is pretty cool. It’s a workflow management system that lets you arrange tasks you need to do and then mark off when they are completed. There are other functions you can use but I’ve never gotten that far.

One thing about me is consistent – I’ve never been able to consistently use any form of planning systems such as a diary or planner. Even at work. I just use my head and sometimes will write down everything I need to do that day. But anything long term just doesn’t work for me. If I spent 30 minutes planning my time, that’s 30 minutes wasted for me as I’m pretty good at remembering things. The only thing I get out of it is the satisfaction of crossing things off my list.


Presets on Lightroom seems to be the must-have things for bloggers to theme their Instagram. But I just can’t use it. I’ve tried to set up a preset but I can never find one that works for all my content. Plus I post a lot of videos so there’s no point! I just use good old VSCO came for editing!


I loved the old version of PicMonkey, I even subscribed to it. But since they made it paid only, I’ve really gone off the photo editing site. I just use photoshop now as it’s much better. I’d use it again if it went back to how it was before!

Yoast SEO.

I have this installed and wish I used it more. Sadly I just don’t. It time-consuming but I know it’s worth it. I use it occasionally but as soon as I am strapped for time, it’s one of the first things that gets the boot!

Bullet Journal.

I guess this is similar to Trello – I don’t do well with sticking to journals. But bullet journals are amazing, some of the designs people do are beautiful. I just wouldn’t have the patience to do my own!



  1. great to know! I used to always edit my photos with online programs now I do it with a Paint and it seems easier that way. I don’t see a point in paying for a photo editing program unless one is a professional.

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