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Video Marketing For Smartphones

  Every business needs some sort of marketing strategy in place in order to attract customers and constantly increase their customer base, brand name, and…



Every business needs some sort of marketing strategy in place in order to attract customers and constantly increase their customer base, brand name, and reputation.

Nowadays, most effective marketing campaigns are mainly digital. This is because practically everything is moving to an online platform of some sort and, therefore, to keep up with the latest trends it is vital to be online.

In addition to this, the scope of people that can be reached on the Internet is simply mind-blowing and so the potential for customers is quite frankly massive.

It is not only crucial to have a dominant Internet presence with regards to desktop devices but being active on mobile Internet is extremely important as well.

People are using smartphones for the purpose of using the Internet on a more and more frequent basis. This is because they are much more convenient and can be used anywhere.

Therefore it is vital that any Internet website, social network account or any other type of campaign is visible in a mobile Internet format.

Video Marketing For Smartphones

Make waves with video streaming and marketing

One of the best strategies for marketing these days is the utilisation of video streaming. In fact, research shows that it has a great impact than all of the following; email marketing, customer feedback, podcasting, blogging and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Therefore, this blog post, will reveal all of the benefits associated with video marketing on mobile Internet.

So, what benefits will companies experience from engaging in online mobile video marketing?

Video marketing is a low-risk strategy

There is very little risk associated with video marketing. This is because of two reasons; it is both easy and cheap to employ.

In the case of most companies, video streaming will not require any added staff or equipment. A trustworthy digital marketing agency can provide such a service at a very cost-effective price.

It is also cheap because posting videos on the likes of Facebook and Twitter is free, and what’s more is that it is very unlikely any extra equipment will be required. Free editing software can be found online or on most mobile app stores, and most companies have some sort of video recording equipment at hand.

This means that if a company’s video marketing strategy does not turn out to be successful then they won’t have lost much in the process, therefore, it won’t have any damning consequences.

Videos are much easier to view on a mobile phone than text is

Let’s be frank; reading text on a smartphone can be a hassle at the best of times. Despite all the elaborate zoom features that can be found on the latest phones it’s still not always an enjoyable read.

Nevertheless, viewing a video is an entirely different ball game. It is so much easier and enjoyable and so more people are likely to view it. This is why it is important to opt for a website builder that has video embedding and hosting capabilities.

An unlimited number of people can be reached

With mobile Internet, there is no end to the amount of people that can be reached. Smartphones are used every single day by billions and billions of people and so there is simply no better way for an individual to get word about their business around.

Videos are a great way of gaining people’s trust

People are much more likely to trust a video over written text or a still image because they can see exactly what they would be getting their hands on in real life.

To conclude…

All in all, it is really not hard to see why video marketing on the mobile Internet platform has become so popular and successful amongst businesses. If you are yet to embrace this form of marketing, it is important to do so before all of the competition gets ahead.

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