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The most used apps on my iPhone X

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I have some phone apps that are firm favourites that have a permanent home on the first…


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I have some phone apps that are firm favourites that have a permanent home on the first page of my phone screen. It takes a lot for an app to make it to that front page, but every so often one makes it!

Here are my most used apps on my phone.

The most used apps on my iPhone X

Social Media.

I’ve grouped all the social media under one heading. The ones I use the most are:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

I have Facebook but don’t use it much, apart from the messenger and I don’t use Snapchat at all, even though I have it. I’d rather just do Instagram stories. Instagram is my main social media platform I use. I’m inconsistent with Twitter and Pinterest! I’m forever telling myself I’ll get a bit better on engaging on all platform but it never happens!

Speed Pro.

This is a video editing app. I got it for speeding up videos for a calisthenics challenge I’ve been doing on Instagram – 60 seconds challenges each day. 60 seconds can be a long time to watch someone do the same thing over and over, so I decided to speed it up into a 15-second video so I can make it an Instagram story.

I bought the premium version so I could put some music over the top of my videos, but it got taken down for copyright so that was a waste of money!


There are two games that I’ve been playing – Tap Titans 2 and Elder Scroll Blades.

I don’t have much time to play either so for the time being I’ve just been bobbing to play here and there and get the daily rewards.


I love MyFitnessPal. I don’t track my food all the time, sometimes I just track for a week or two to reset myself if my diet has got a bit out of control! I’ve been consistently tracking over the past few weeks though as I’m in a 12-week competition that my PT is running with her clients and one of the things we are scored on is keeping our food diary up to date and sticking to our goals.


I don’t even know what the point in having a SatNav is these days. It’s so much easier just to use maps. You can search for a location and just go there. My phone connects to Bluetooth on my car so the directions come through to my


Everyone loves Netflix! I use it at home mostly on our TV, but there are times when I watch it at the gym or travelling. It’s also good to take on trips with you and watch in hotel rooms.

There are now many VPNs on the market meaning that you can unlock the US version of Netflix by spoofing your location.

Tesco Pay+

If you go to Tesco and don’t use Pay+ then you are nuts. It’s an app on your phone that you can connect your bank card too, you then can pay by scanning the QR type code it generates. You can also connect your Clubcard to it so it scans both at the same time. It makes things so quick and easy!

What apps do you use the most?

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