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Summer plans

Moving house means that we aren’t going on a holiday this year – apart from a short break to Venice in October, which is about…


Moving house means that we aren’t going on a holiday this year – apart from a short break to Venice in October, which is about all our budget will allow – and that’s only because we got free flights! This means we need to make the most of our summer. My lucky boyfriend gets all of July and August off. I’m not so lucky, but do have weekends and the odd day off!

The start of the summer will be occupied with moving! It’s a stressful time, this is even more stressful if you have kids and animals – so click here to see how to make it a little less so. I’m a bit worried about how the cat will react to being in a new home, hopefully, she will be okay if we are there.

Summer plans

The walls of our home are going to be white when we move in, so the start of summer will be spent with a paintbrush in hand to add a bit of colour to our new place. I guess this is when it pays off for me to be working! I am rubbish at this stuff and will be much better off out of the way.

We also have some furniture to buy – though we will be taking what we have to start with. I am dying to get the kitchen table sorted first though because I hate that we eat in the living room on our knees at the moment and want to start eating at the table as soon as possible.

The biggest dilemma is to decide if we should buy a cheaper table to put us on or opt for an expensive one straight away. Then we can look into getting a new sofa (I’ve still got my heart set on an ottoman), then a bed for the guest room!

Things will have calmed down a little for me in terms of things I have going on (hopefully)! I hand my assignment for my CIM in at then and then can hopefully have a couple of months off before I start to work on my next assignment that is due in December. This means I’ll have to work on more things for my blogs. All 3 of them! I also need to brush up on some of the news in the SEO world, especially since the latest Moz update. Click today to brush up on your own knowledge!

I need to get back to learning how to use the Adobe programs for graphic design! I have bought some curses but they have now taken a back seat thanks to the CIM exam!

A little getaway would be nice at some point to get away from all the house stress!

We’re probably not in a position to go on any luxury cruises this summer, but day trips that are in driving distance will be on the cards! I really want to go to the theatre at some point seeing as enjoyed seeing the Women in Black so much in London.

What are your summer plans?

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