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New house new garden.

Next Sunday we are going to be visiting our new house to see how things are getting on and to take some measurements (I’ll also…


Next Sunday we are going to be visiting our new house to see how things are getting on and to take some measurements (I’ll also be taking lots of photos!). So exciting. Last time we visited, the garden was just a building site and mud with no boundaries. So hopefully we’ll have a better idea of the size of what we have to work with.

They’ll be a paved path and turf laid for us, the rest is for us to sort. Whether you get a house from where like Better Homes and Gardens Signature Service with a garden already perfect when you move in or want to start with a blank slate, I’m sure they’ll be some changes you want to make!

Our current garden is all paving and doesn’t look very inviting, the location of it means that there is no sun from about 5 pm in the summer. So we are both excited to make this one nice!

I guess on the positive side, as we don’t have anything in our garden currently other than a small table and two chairs, we won’t have loads from our garden to move to our new house. It’s just the things in the garage that will be the biggest pain and we’re looking into something similar to Bekins Moving Solutions to help, the boyfriend wants to rent a van and do it ourselves though, so we’ll see who wins that fight!

Here are some things I’d like to see in our garden.

A chair swing has always been a dream of mine. I think I’ve mentioned it in previous posts – but the idea of being sat on a chair swing on a warm summers evening with a glass of alcohol-free wine sounds perfect, don’t you think?

A full chair and table set like that would be lovely, but I’m not sure if we could have something with clothing cushions as we would have to store them somewhere and we’ve got gym plans for the garage! Might have to get something more weather friendly! But Alfresco dining, here we come!

A BBQ would be amazing, on a warm evening we can eat and cook outside with some meat on the BBQ and a salad – English weather means we’ll have to make the most of it and use it at every opportunity!

Some outdoor lighting would be a must for the summertime, but I would want something quite pretty, either like those in the image above, or some black lantern.

A chiminea would be a great addition too, even when it’s hot in the UK, the evenings can still be cool, so to have a fire going will stop those shivers and allow us to enjoy our garden for a little longer before the 10 months of rain follows!

Thankfully we won’t need a great commercial installation or similar for anything I’ve got planned for our garden! I don’t plan on doing anything like decking or a shed. Phew.

We would also like to get some plants, shrubs and trees. Not really sure where to start so think we will have to go for Elk Grove tree and gardening experts.

It’s more like things just to put into our garden!

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