Need a hobby? Here are some ideas..

If you have the luxury of time, then use it well. If you’re like me, then you will struggle to cope with lots of time…


If you have the luxury of time, then use it well. If you’re like me, then you will struggle to cope with lots of time if you have nothing to fill it with! Gone are the days where I used to sleep in late and watch episode after episode of my latest TV show in bed on my days off. Now I need to DO SOMETHING all of the time. It’s exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Need a hobby? Here are some ideas..

Open an Etsy Shop.

Have you got a creative side but nowhere to focus your efforts? Try to open an Etsy shop. Handcrafted gifts and the like are perfect for an Etsy shop. If you do have a hobby where you make things but then find yourself with nothing to do with the things you’ve made, then sell them!

From jewellery, to candles, you can even buy dried rose petals to make beautiful bath salts! Get on Pinterest for some ideas of things you can make yourself.

Learn an instrument. 

I want to learn the piano. I had years of keyboard lessons as a child and do have an electric piano, but it’s time that holds me back. I’m thinking of maybe getting some lessons after my CIM so I can make my dream come true. Or even have a look on Udemy and try an online course! I already have the basic knowledge, so it can’t be that hard, right? What do you want to learn?

Creative writing.

If writing is your thing, then explore it. Whether you want to write fanfiction, poetry, or even do a bit of copywriting for a site like Rex Originals, give it a go! Writing can be therapeutic and very rewarding!

I went through a big poetry phase in my late teens. I joined DeviantArt and was very involved in the creative writing community – it’s a great place to meet some very intelligent people that you can learn from!

Get a pet.

I cannot tell you how much our life has changed since we got Annabelle. She is such a little bundle of joy and has brought so much love and happiness to our little family! Of course, she is sometimes hard work. When she is licking my face at 4 am and sits on my chest, I’m not always impressed.

A pet is a long-term commitment and can be so rewarding, as well as fill your time. If you are wanting to get out a bit more, then get a dog! Grab yourself some Wonder Chews, take your dog out for a long walk and enjoy the sunshine! Or rain, I mean, we are in England after all!

Start a blog.

Of course, I was going to suggest this one – blogging is a hobby that just keeps giving and giving.

You can learn new skills, such as web design, a bit of coding, graphics, editing photos and writing. You make new friends and learn all sorts about marketing that you never would have known! It’s another rewarding hobby that gives you something to focus your time on. It’s great to see all your effort pay off when you have a lovely website that is created by you!


  1. These are five excellent suggestions.. only one of which I have pursued to any extent in the last decade. A variation on the “Learn an instrument” idea would be good for me. My guitar and violin have both been unplayably broken for 35 years but it would be nice to get them fixed and pick it back up. An Etsy shop would probably help me un-clutter some if I can overcome my procrastination and sentimentality. It would be nice if I managed a blog post or two this year. I haven’t posted since Halloween. Great suggestions though! Happy Easter and happy Spring!

  2. Great hobby ideas and tips. I’m thinking of getting a pet myself, but I’m not sure which one yet. I’m not particularly musically gifted (as far as I know) but I’d like to learn to play an instrument some day. Blog can be a great hobby, I can attest to that. I would recommend picking up another language. Language learning can be a fun and a rewarding hobby. I had an etsy shop once but I closed it, I didn’t like they charging rate. Maybe it is changed now, I don’t know. I might open a new one in the future.

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