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I created my own happiness and you can to

There is that age-old cliche – happiness is a choice. I think to an extent, this can be true. I am not talking about people…


There is that age-old cliche – happiness is a choice. I think to an extent, this can be true.

I am not talking about people with severe mental illness here – but the average person that has a few slumps every now and then.

I created my own happiness and you can to

I know this because I’ve experienced it. I’ve been in slumps many times, some for longer than others. It’s not a nice place to b. But you have to find those things that make you happy and work for them. It’s not easy. That’s right – happiness can be hard – because the easy thing to do is let yourself wallow in how terrible your life is and make no change at all.

There’s a saying/image I love. It’s a leader speaking to people, asking ‘Who wants change’ and everyone puts their hand up.

She then asks her listeners ‘Who wants to change?’ and nobody puts their hands up. That hits the nail on the head really, if you want change, you have to make change happen.

So if you are unhappy with your life, you need to find a way to change that.

I want to share some things I’ve done to help myself to the place I am today.

Getting on the property ladder. 

I’m 33 and I am only just stepping on the property ladder. After years of renting and then moving in with my boyfriend, I was finally able to save some money to put towards a beautiful house so we can buy one together.

We don’t have it yet, but have a projected completion date of 30th June.

I’ve worked really hard to save money for this – most of it has come through blogging. Running 3 websites and blogging daily isn’t something that’s easy to do. It’s time-consuming and I’ve sacrificed a lot of evenings and weekends slaving over my computer. Of course, it is something I enjoy doing but there are times when I wish I could take some time off. It’s been worth it though!

Finding love. 

This is cheesy, but true. I went out and found my own love. I didn’t meet anyone at school or university and I was never going to meet anyone at work. So I took to the internet. After going on many dates and having mixed experiences – from being hurt and catfished to meeting really nice guys, but we were just not connecting in that way, I finally met my boyfriend on Tinder.

I wasn’t waiting around for a relationship to just happen when it happens. I made it happen and found one of those genuinely nice guys that we all think have been taken already. He even irons.


I used to watch YouTube and see all the fitness vloggers squatting, deadlifting and doing bench. I was too nervous to do it myself. Now I have a PT and exercise and it makes me so so so happy. I post it all on Instagram which is a big motivation for me. I’m really happy with my body at the moment – not for how I look, but for how strong I am. It’s something I work hard for and no, it is not easy getting up at 5:30 am to go to the gym before work, but the benefits I get from it are amazing.

Doing a CIM.

Unhappy in your job? Not qualified to do anything else? That’s me and my 15 years experience in retail and about 9 years of retail management experience.

For so long I was like ‘I am trapped here, I have no qualifications for anything else and can’t afford to take a pay cut’.

I decided to accept that I needed to take a pay cut and I applied for hundreds of marketing jobs last year and got interviewed for three. I didn’t get any of them as they went with someone with experience.

Then I decided to sign up for a CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing to help me stand out a bit more. I’m not looking for a job at the moment because I can’t change jobs until my mortgage completes, but knowing I am doing something productive towards my future happiness really makes me happy!

So what are you doing to make yourself happy?

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