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House goals if anything was possible!

I’ve recently spoken about my ideal garden and garage in the past few weeks. We have lots of plans for our new home, but we…


I’ve recently spoken about my ideal garden and garage in the past few weeks. We have lots of plans for our new home, but we still day-dream about things we would have if money, space and time were not an object.

House goals if anything was possible!


There are plenty of great Hoop buildings to buy if you want an outdoor type of building to host things in. An indoor tennis court? Laser tag? An indoor climbing wall? How about getting a crossbow package and having a range, hello Katniss! All those fun activities you would love to do when having friends and family over.

I think I’d go for a swimming pool and a zip line. It would have to be heated (the pool – that is), of course, with a fancy heated roof from Heat-Line.

When I was younger and I planned my house, I always had a big basement with a swimming pool and gym in it, I think I’d swap that out now for a cinema room.

I’d also like my house to have a big entertaining room – something bigger than a dining room but not quite as big as a ballroom – something that could seat enough people to celebrate birthdays and Christmas.

The gardens.

Yes, GARDENS, not just a garden! Seeing as I’m going all out here then I’m not going to hold back – I’m getting a maze. Yes. A maze. I don’t know how I am going to do it but I will.

I also want my own chickens! Just 5 or 6 of the things running about, right next to a vegetable and herb patch. I’m not overly bothered about loads of plants and flowers. I can leave that up to the boy.

The bedroom.

Four poster bed, please. A walk-in wardrobe. A balcony that I can sit on in the morning and drink coffee while watching the sunrise.

Those are reasonable requests, right?

The kitchen.

In the kitchen, I see big sliding doors that go onto some decking, it looks out onto the green trees and fields (and THE maze!). I want a Nespresso machine. I know that’s not a big deal and we will actually be getting one, but I’m dying to trade in my Tassimo for one! The Tassimo makes tiny cups of coffee. It’s not enough.

The games room.

Both my boyfriend and I love video games! I’d love to get a set up for our consoles, plus add a Nintendo Switch and some vintage consoles to it. My boyfriend would get a driver’s seat and steering wheel for his F1 game. We would have a big TV on the wall with a few Lazy Boy chairs to relax in. How about a vintage Pacman machine and air hockey table too?

The office.

I miss my corner desk so much! I had it two houses ago but it broke during a move and I never quite had the space to replace it. I’d like to have a corner desk again and a cool setup where I can work at ease. I’d like the room to be quite plain and basic as I find that makes it easier to work and concentrate.

I don’t think I’m asking for much, do you?


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