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Hello, it’s me again. I have been writing my CIM assignment all weekend and it’s frustrating me a bit now! I just want to have…


Hello, it’s me again. I have been writing my CIM assignment all weekend and it’s frustrating me a bit now! I just want to have a fun weekend, but as I work full time, my weekends are currently full up with studying. I haven’t written an assignment in years, so I am struggling a little bit with it!

I’ve been working on it for the past few hours but decided to take a break. Of course, that means I find myself on Amazon and other websites, creating a wishlist in my head of all the things I want but can’t have because I am saving money for this new house we are moving into in about a month. Anyway, enough about that and more about the things I need.

Garden lights.

I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post, but I want some garden lights for our new garden. My boyfriend doesn’t know it yet but I’d like some decking eventually in the bottom right corner, as that’s where the sun is. This means we need some lights for spending the evenings out there because we are going to have some lovely summers evenings this year, aren’t we?


I have a large keyboard that doubles as a piano but I’ve always wanted a digital piano with weighted keys. We emptied the loft ready for the big move a couple of weeks ago and my piano is now in the spare bedroom after two years of being out of sight. I’ve started to have a twiddle with it, but I am a bit rusty. I had keyboard lessons for 10 years but I’m more interested in playing the piano, my left hand isn’t as quick as my right as I’m used to playing chords but in the new house, I want to have my piano out all the time and play more often.

Electric toothbrush.

This might sound a bit silly that it’s on my list. But the thing is my boyfriend’s electric toothbrush died and we share mine. Not the brush part, we have different heads for it. But it annoys me so much having to change them and then they always fall over in the cabinet. I’d like to spend a bit of money one and get better on that the standard Oral B, I can’t afford the best cosmetic dentistry so just gotta work with what I can.

Kitchen table.

We have decided to spend a bit of money on a kitchen table that is going to last us a long time. We were looking at one similar to this one from but we think it might be too big. The kitchen door opens into the kitchen, so we might change it so it opens into the hallway instead.

Jacobs Crema.

I really want to try this for the Tassimo but I can’t find any single packets, just full cases of it on Amazon and I don’t want to commit to buying that many before I know I like it.


I had to take my earrings out a few weeks ago because they went a bit grin in my ears. I need some real silver or gold ones, like these ones from Erwin Pearl, to stop it happening again. Quickly, before they heal up!

What are you keen on getting lately?

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