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Blog post ideas for summer

What a lovely bank holiday weekend we’ve just had in the UK! It makes a change to have so much sun when most people have…


What a lovely bank holiday weekend we’ve just had in the UK! It makes a change to have so much sun when most people have a 4 day weekend over Easter. Most people have gotten into the mood for summer, many BBQs were had, people were having their first Pimms and having a fantastic time in the garden. It also bought about a few negatives, like men walking around with no tops on and a can of Stella in their hands, but I guess nothing is perfect!

Our heads are in summer mode now, even though it will probably rain for the next two weeks solid, but I can’t help thinking about what I might blog about over summer. As I am moving house, I need a few content ideas to get ahead of the game so when I move, I have a few days of content scheduled so I can focus on the house rather than worrying about blogging, so here are a list of summer blog post ideas to help you create content over summer.

Blog post ideas for summer

Summer blog post ideas:

  • Summer cocktail ideas
  • Garden furniture wishlist
  • Places to visit in the UK on a hot day
  • Childhood summer memories
  • A perfect holiday abroad
  • City weekend breaks
  • Summer wardrobe
  • Meal ideas for summer
  • Mocktail recipes
  • Summer makeup look
  • What’s in my hand luggage
  • How to pack light for a weekend away
  • Homemade ice cream ideas
  • How to protect your skin from the sun
  • Self-tan reviews
  • Summer hairstyles
  • Reading list for around the pool
  • Podcast list for holidays and travel
  • A photo diary of a summers day
  • Health food ideas for a BBQ
  • Summer dresses wishlist
  • Stay active outdoors in summer
  • How to keep cool in summer
  • Picnic basket ideas
  • What to wear to a summer wedding
  • Blog photo props for summer
  • Summer Instagram themes
  • Summer playlist
  • Summer movie list
  • Summer beauty essentials

Hope this helps! Let me know what posts you have planned this summer!


  1. Thanks for doing this Corinne! I’m at a bit of a stalemate with my blog, this has given me a few ideas to get the juices flowing!

  2. Wow! These are some great ideas to write about. Now I am even more inspired about summer themed blog content!


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