7 things to do with friends that don’t involve drinking

Since I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve been thinking of things to do with my friends that don’t revolve around booze. Typically, we go for a meal and drinks. Although I don’t mind having a soda and lime in the pub while others are drinking, I get bored after a while! So here are some ideas of things to do that don’t involve drink!

7 things to do with friends that don't involve drinking


This is my new favourite thing, even though I’ve only done it once! Feel like a ninja, look like Lara Croft and get a great upper body workout!

Go for a walk.

Depending on where you leave, there are beautiful walks you can go on. I’m lucky to live in North Yorkshire where there are some stunning routes to visit! Take a picnic, take a camera and have some fun while being active.

Visit a local abbey. 

There are loads of stunning Abbeys in the UK! Most of them are a tourist attraction that you can visit. Kirkstall Abbey, for example, has a shop, you can walk around the ruins and there’s even a museum. Not to mention the beautiful setting of the abbey meaning you can walk around it and by the river.

Go to the cinema.

If I’m drinking and watching a film, you can bet I am not following the storyline! The cinema is a great place to visit and not drink. Use those calories on popcorn or nachos instead!

Local markets and events.

In York, there’s always something going on in the centre. A food market or fayre is on every other week!

Go to an escape room.

I’ve done escape rooms twice now and they are so much fun! You are locked in a room with clues on how to get out and have to solve various puzzles to get keys and codes for the padlock. It’s so much fun and we always come out laughing and joking!

Do a detective day!

In a few weeks, I’ll be taking part in a detective day with CluedUp. It’s a crime-solving, murder mystery game where we will be walking the streets to solve a crime!

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