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4 Ways To Make Your House Abroad Feel Like Home

Whether you’ve moved abroad or are lucky enough to have a second home overseas people often struggle on how to make their new house feel…


Whether you’ve moved abroad or are lucky enough to have a second home overseas people often struggle on how to make their new house feel like home. Making your house feel more homely is often the key to keeping homesickness at bay, making a move or extended visit less stressful and making it more enjoyable. After all, no ones want to move all the way around the world and not feel comfortable or that you have a place to come back to at the end of the day to relax and feel secure. Here are a few home improvements you can try to make your house abroad feel more like home.

Reminders Of Home

A really easy way of making your house abroad feel like it’s home is to decorate it with reminders of home. Try having a look through some family pictures, getting them framed and hanging them around the house. This is a really cost effective thing that you can do and if you have children it’s a fantastic activity to get them involved in. Especially if they feel a little homesick. Another simple thing you can do is to take a few items that remind you of home and add them to your new houses, such as having a favourite rug or a few ornaments shipped over. With this, it’s definitely worth considering the financial cost of having bulkier items shipped as it can be quite costly depending on where you have moved to. Also looking into having some of your children’s toys sent to your new place for there room can make a move much easier for them.

When I moved to France for a year, the first thing I did was put photos up of my friends and family above my desk in my room! It helped me lots!


Where you move to the house you chose is rarely exactly how you would have it, unless you’ve had a brand new home where you get to chose the finer details such which flooring will be used. It’s normally the case that a new house will be move-in ready and livable but it’s not to your taste, this can leave feeling a little lost and like your new house just isn’t home and when you have moved abroad it is essential to get that homely feeling to make the move that little easier. If it’s not within your budget to redecorate a whole house, try choosing one or two rooms that you spend the most time in to put your stamp on. You don’t have to go all out and give it a complete makeover, maybe just a lick of paint and adding some of your favourite coloured accents will make it feel a little more like yours. If you are moving with children then you may want to do their rooms as a priority.

Choosing The Right House

This might seem a little obvious as you probably searched online for thousands of houses and your search engine history is full of things such as Damansara heights house for sale or the best places to live in Australia. But this is something that you should consider as important. It’s the first step to making your house abroad feel like your home. If you haven’t already bought or rented somewhere have a think about what would make a house a home to you. It can be different for each person such as making sure you have a spare room for the family to come and stay. Just knowing you have a space for them could make the difference to feeling alone in a new country or like you are able to offer a home to any family or friends that want to visit. This also means you’re not isolating your support network.


So many people associate different smells with certain memories or feelings. Such as mom’s homemade carrot soup that you had every time you were poorly or how your Nan and Grandad’s house would smell every time you visited. So it’s no wonder that smells have made it onto the list. You could try things such as asking your mom for that soup recipe and cooking while you’re in your new house or find a candle that smells like home. Choosing plants in your home that are similar to plants at home can be a good way of achieving a similar smell to home too. If your planning on taking pets with you to your new home then taking a blanket, bed or favourite toy that has come from the old house would be a good idea as it will help to get them settled in their new environment. You could also let them travel with it to ease their journey.

Do you have any hints or tips to help your house abroad feel like home? Please share them in the comments section.

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