The Sober Diaries Book Review

The Sober Diaries Book Review

As you know (assuming you’ve read my blog for a while) I’ve stopped drinking.

When I am making a change in my life or when I’m interested in something, I give it my all. I research and absorb as much information about it as possible. I found it helps keep me on track and motivated.

I wanted to read some books about being sober to keep my motivation up. I’m not a fan of fiction books, so I wanted something real that I could relate to. Though I don’t have a problem with drinking or addiction – I sometimes find that after a couple of drinks, I would then want more than I had planned to have.

The Sober Diaries Book Review clare pooley

I found the Sober Diaries and after reading what it was about, I wanted to read it instantly.

Mum of 3, Clare, loved wine. The problem is she started drinking it a little too much. Opening a bottle when she had done the school run, then another with dinner. Enough was enough and she decided to stop. She created a blog to write about it and found the ‘sober blogging community’.

She shares her journey and daily struggles of being sober. How she coped in social situations and how great life was without hangovers.

This is not a self-help book for someone with a severe alcohol problem – it’s a helping hand and a bit of moral support for something who simply drinks too much and wants to stop. It reminded me how it can be so easy to slip into the ‘let’s just have a glass of wine’ (that ends up as two glasses, then might as well finishing off the bottle) mindset on a regular basis.

I’ve read a few negative reviews saying the book isn’t very relatable because of her lifestyle – privileged white women with a large house in London.  I don’t have kids, I don’t live in London, but I was able to see past that and see the real message in the book. To enjoy life without booze.

If you are thinking of giving up or reducing the tipple, I recommend this book.

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  • Ivana Split

    sounds like a nice read. I do read both fiction and non-fiction. I gave up alcohol because of Chron disease and now that I’m in remission and I could have a drink if I wanted, I still don’t feel like drinking at all. I guess that I completely lost the taste for it.

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