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What does so many people taking a social media break tell you?

I love social media, I think it’s fantastic when you use it in the right way. Though one thing has been bothering me lately. I…


social media break

I love social media, I think it’s fantastic when you use it in the right way. Though one thing has been bothering me lately.

I log on to Twitter and see tweets like:

I’ve had a bad day at work so I’m going to stay away from social media for a bit.

and I just don’t get it. I’d understand if you had a lot of people getting mean or argumentative with you on the platform itself, but if you have a bad day and that means you feel like you should stay away from social media in general, then that puzzles me.

social media break

Because to me, that means that you think social media is bad. It’s toxic. It’s going to make your bad day worse. It means that you have to be in the right frame of mind to use social media or it can have a big impact on your mental health.

What’s scary about this is that if it’s true, it means you are essentially doing something every single day that could cause you distress.

That’s the part I don’t get – why are you on social media at all if that’s the case?


  • having a bad day doesn’t mean you need to avoid social media, it just means you want to do something mindless instead like watch old episodes of Gilmore Girls and eat ice cream.
  • social media has a negative effect on your mood.

So, is it the choice of language here, or is it that social media is, in fact, an awful place?

You hear about people doing social media detoxes all the time. Like it’s a drug or alcohol or something. That’s pretty scary.

I guess that’s the thing, people can get addicted to social media, feel the need to constantly check it so they don’t miss out on something. Feel the need to fill that empty hole by likes and retweets and then obsessively check their latest Instagram post to see if it’s done well. So they can feel validated in some way.

I get the feeling that most people have a bit of negative response when they think of social media. It can be seen as the route of all even. The thing we need to protect our children from until they are old enough, like alcohol and drugs. It’s just a little be frightening that something we use every single day can be so detrimental to use. Yet we continue to use it.

I personally have no issues with social media. I find Instagram inspires me to work harder at the gym and Twitter is for posting photos of my cats and sharing blog posts that will hopefully help others. I don’t get that feeling like I need a break when I’ve had a bad day, it can be the opposite, I can use it to inspire me and cheer me up!

Where do you stand with social media?


  1. I often take a break atleast twice a year, keeping up on social media is exhausting. I do use scheduling apps to post everything in advance though.

    Candice xx

  2. I think social media has a good and a bad side. Sometime you can avoid the bad side entirely, sometimes you can’t. In general, I do have good experiences with social media but there are times, especially if I’m not feeling great about myself, that scrolling through social media makes me feel even worse. These are the times I know I need to take a social media break – and it does do me good. It forces me to focus on myself, not constantly compare myself to those on my social media. It’s not all bad out there, after all I’ve made some of my best friends through social media, but there are certainly somedays where it’s just no good for me personally to be scrolling through!

    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. That’s interesting, I’m not sure if it ever makes me feel bad, I’m more inspired and want to better myself. You’re my best friend.

  3. I think there were actual studies that proved that social media can cause depression and anxiety and that it generally make it worse in those suffering from it. I think it has to do with the way we use it. Perhaps if you don’t feel a need for validation from others, you’re less likely to be stressed by it. If it is just a place to look for some inspiration, not a place where you make a living or prove yourself, then it is not going to be that stressful. There are many factors to consider here and I’m not surprised that many people are taking detox from it. Social media is not completely safe either. Putting your life out there can make you more vulnerable to theft, assault and similar things.
    For me personally, at this point social media is more useless than stressful, a guilty pleasure of sorts. I use it when I have nothing better to do. I can live without Instagram, but not without my blog (I’m still not sure does blog qualifies as social media?). I like how with blogging nobody questions you if you don’t post every day but with other social media if you’re not using it regularly people are always wondering whether you’re alive or not. I don’t want to come off as antisocial but I really don’t have time to answer to every single DM and spend a lot of time on social media- if I was making money on it, sure but this way…

    I like the pace of the blogging world as one opposed to social media, it just feels more normal. I answer all the comments and then I post a new post. I don’t know how some people manage to be present on ALL social media, I mean I just don’t have that kind of social media skills. I also think that there is definitely place for improvement in the social media game, the creators of most apps really need to make it more safe and stop selling people’s personal info all the time.

    1. A guilty pleasure is such a brill way of looking at it! I don’t think a blog counts a social media!

  4. I wouldn’t be on one if it wasn’t for my blog. I do have a private FB page mainly for my family back home and they can stay updated with my life. Social media can be toxic and gives a false illusion of life.

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