Just The Tonic Comedy Club, Camden


Last week I went to London to meet with my friends. Jennifer, who was visiting from the States, wanted to go to a comedy club. So we found one in Camden. To our surprise, it was only £15! Perfect. If you’ve ever been out in London on a Saturday night you’ll know how hard it is to get a seat. So this meant we paid £15 for great entertainment with allocated seats.

Doors opened at 6:45 pm. We had our hands stamped at the door so we were able to go back and forth to the bar and toilets.

The comedy started at 8 pm. There were 3 acts, with an interval at 9 pm. It finished around 10:30 pm. The acts were all funny, though there was one that was better than the other two. The other two both made a few jokes about child abuse which were probably a bit too far. I do understand how they’re trying to keep things relevant to what’s current, but I’m not sure I can ever find a joke about ‘fucking’ a baby alright. Even if it is a joke. Just was a bit too far for me and that is saying a lot because it’s tough to shock me! The rest of the show was really good though. The drinks were a bit on the expensive side at £6 a pint, but what can you expect for the middle of Camden?

I want to take my boyfriend the next time we’re in London as it’s something a bit different to do rather than just sit in a pub!

Book here if you want to go.

Just The Tonic Comedy Club, Camden

Just The Tonic Comedy Club, Camden Just The Tonic Comedy Club, CamdenJust The Tonic Comedy Club, Camden Just The Tonic Comedy Club, Camden

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  • Ivana Split

    Seems like you had a lovely night at the comedy house, apart from those child abuse jokes, I don’t think I’d enjoy those either, but that’s comedy, some comedians take it a bit too far. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a comedy house, there are some stand up comedy nights organized here occasionally, but I never went.

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