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How to Continue Learning During Summer Holidays

For many children and young adults, summer is a time to relax, enjoy the sun, and spend quality time with their friends and family. Education…


How to Continue Learning During Summer Holidays

For many children and young adults, summer is a time to relax, enjoy the sun, and spend quality time with their friends and family. Education and learning sit relatively low on the list of their priorities given that they’ve just completed a year at school and may (in some cases) have been through a gruelling exam period. While your children have no doubt earned a break from curriculum-based schooling, there are still plenty of activities you can expose them to that’ll help build their knowledge and skills. Listed below are a few ideas to get you started.

How to Continue Learning During Summer Holidays

Day Trips

Whether begrudgingly or not, most children enjoy a day trip. It’s an opportunity to expand their minds, enjoy new locations, and learn new things about the world. Whether you’re planning on taking your children to a wildlife reserve, a National Heritage location or a historic town, they’ll be able to learn while also having fun in the summer months. Whenever you are looking to take your family away for a day, always consider the educational opportunities you might be able to encourage your children towards while on your day trip.

Home-Based Lessons

While your child may be excited to be leaving the classroom behind, they’ll be less concerned about leaving education as a whole behind for the summer. Indeed, there are many things a child can learn over the holiday period that’ll excite and amaze them. You can search online for tutorials, or find a local tutor to visit your home, to help your child with any of the following:

  • Music lessons
  • Art and crafts ideas
  • Language learning
  • Problem and puzzle solving
  • Games involving maths and literacy
  • Coding and IT knowledge
  • Sports or outdoor activity participation

All of these can be picked up at home, helping your child learn without having to leave the comfort of their home and the joy of their sun-splashed garden.

Summer Schooling

Getting a little more serious now, you might want to consider the summer school option for your child if you’re looking to squeeze the best possible education out of the summer months. There is no doubt that summer schools help children progress their knowledge and understanding in a way that traditional term-time school may fail at. Summer schools are perfect for the following students:

  • Those whose parents work full-time over the summer
  • Those who are failing at school
  • Those with particular learning difficulties
  • Those who are excited to learn new things not available in schools
  • Those struggling with specific skills like spelling, numeracy or reading

There are an incredible array of courses available at that cater to the needs outlined above, ensuring that your child progresses their education in the summer holidays.

A Day At The Museums

Whether you’re London-based or a fair hop from the nation’s capital, there are a dazzling set of museums catering towards children in London. The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, for instance, are just a short walk from one another in west London. A day exploring both is absolutely guaranteed to amaze and astound your children’s intellects.

Summer isn’t when learning stops – it’s an opportunity to take it in a new direction. The tips outlined above should help you get the ball rolling in planning an educational summer in 2019.


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