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How I use social media for a positive impact on my life.

Following on from yesterday s post, I wanted to write a post about how I use social media in a way that it doesn’t have…


How I use social media for a positive impact on my life.

Following on from yesterday s post, I wanted to write a post about how I use social media in a way that it doesn’t have a negative impact on me.

Of course, everyone is different and I do not currently suffer from any mental health problems – so this is just a little disclaimer that I am not promising to cure anyone anxiety, depression or whatever else might come from social media.

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve naturally changed the way I used social media. Some of this has been subconsciously and it’s only now I sit down to think about it that I realise I may have done this for a reason: to be uplifted and inspired by social media, not dragged down and discouraged.

Here’s how I ensure social media is a fantastic place I want to be:

How I use social media for a positive impact on my life.

Who I follow.

I only follow people whose content I want to see. This is probably truer on Instagram and it is on Twitter.

I follow around 250 people on Instagram. Every so often, I may unfollow accounts whose content I don’t connect with for whatever reason. This might have been something like: A couple of years ago I was really into running, I followed loads of running bloggers and never really connected to them on a personal level, but viewing their content still inspired me. Now I don’t run much, the content doesn’t really do anything for me and because I’ve never really spoken to them, I have no reason to carry on following them. That’s not to say their content isn’t great, it’s just not relevant to me. Those that I did form a relationship with, I still follow them because I love to see how they are doing!

Now I follow lots of strong women that can lift heavy stuff. Because I find that motivating. I’ve also recently started following some people that practice calisthenics as I’ve been triyng my hand at that!

What I engage in.

I only engage in positive content. I like to retweet people who are wanting a few new followers to get to the next milestone, I like to comment a massive ‘well done’ on someone who has just hit a new bench PB. I want to make people happy when I engage with their content.

What inspires me.

I follow and engage with things that inspire me. That’s people that are doing bad-ass stuff in the gym, as well as people who are just starting out but you can see they are giving 100% in everything they do.

This means when I go on social media, I’m consuming content that gets me pumped for my next gym session or to bash out a new blog post that will help others.

What I ignore.

I ignore negativity. I was following an account that was outing bloggers for doing bad stuff and in the end, I unfollowed because I realised I didn’t really care if some blogger hasn’t declared an ad properly. Following that account didn’t serve me in anyway and it was a waste of time-consuming that content when I could be consuming something more valuable.



  1. More people need to read this! We choose what we see on social media by the accounts we subscribe to, we have the final say in what fills our feed and we can choose to fill it with positive accounts, or bitching and drama! As entertaining as it can be at times, nobody needs to see that much tea spilled on a daily basis. Accounts that become nothing but negativity get swiftly removed from my feed too! Nobody needs that on a daily basis that’s for sure!

    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Just like you, I’m trying to only engage with and be positive on social media. I think you get out of social media is what you put in, so I want to spread that positivity around!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  3. It is up to everyone what works best for them in social media game. Some people feed on gossip, others on seeing positive projects done by positive people. There is no size fits all, I guess.

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