Death Eater Meetup in London

The internet is a funny thing. It brings people together from all over the world. I have lots of friends I’ve met on the internet. This particular group of friends are from my, shall we call it, emo era? I met them on a message forum I was very active on from age 16 to around sometime in my mid-20s when I stopped logging on as much. Thankfully for us, Facebook was already a thing by then so those friends I met over 10 years ago were still in reach. There have been pockets of time where we haven’t spoken to each other for a while, but when Jennifer came to London 2 years ago and we all met up (minus 1 who came the day after!), we created a Facebook group chat called Death Eaters, we each have a Death Eater name (I’m Voldy, btw!) and we have spoken daily ever since.

Jennifer came back over from Wisconsin last week and we all met up in London. It’s the first time we had all met up at the same time! Barty came to see me at university for a day in 2006. I first met Lucius when she came and stayed with me for a week in France back in 2008 and I first met Bellatrix in 2016. We had a great day in London and it was great to have our first official important deathly meeting!

The internet is fantastic.

PS: The cat is Bella’s 6-month-old kitten, Freddie. He is so cute!

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