A few short term goals to refocus

A week or so ago I posted about how I am doing too many things at once. I am trying to spin all these plates…


A week or so ago I posted about how I am doing too many things at once. I am trying to spin all these plates at once and it’s really bloody stressful. I have all these things going around my head, so to help myself get through the next month I wanted to set myself some short term goals for the next 3 weeks which will take me up to my exam – which is a big stressor right now!

So for the benefit of myself and myself only, here are some short term goals I am putting out into the universe to keep myself sane.

short term goals

Study for the marketing exam.

I have 3 weeks to go until the exam. I’ve been through the main course a few times, now it’s about doing a bit of extra learning and really understanding it. I’m doing the course with the ICS and their learning dashboard isn’t very good – the course is like a slide show with just keywords and bullet points so it’s hard to understand the context. I get it a bit more each time I go through it!

Reduce my broken links.

I have an embarrassing amount of broken links. I’d like to remove 200 this month. Help.

Comment on my regular blogs.

Those 15 or so regular blogs I read and comment on – I’ve been neglecting. I don’t want to lose my relationship with my regular readers and those that engage with me so want to get back to doing this at least once a week.

Pinterest views back to 180k.

I got my unique Pinterest views up to around 180k, but I’ve been neglecting it and now I’ve dropped to 136k!

Work hard on my fitness challenge.

I’ve mentioned over on my fitness blog a few times that my PT is doing a fitness challenge over 12 weeks with some of her clients. Its the end of week 2 now. I really want to work as hard as possible and try and win. I’ve been working so hard in the gym 6 days a week!

There’s are the 4 things my focus will be on over the next few weeks until this exam is over!


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