5 reasons why you should start a blog right this second

If you’re reading this post, then you either already have a blog or are thinking about starting one. If you haven’t started a blog yet,…


If you’re reading this post, then you either already have a blog or are thinking about starting one. If you haven’t started a blog yet, why on earth not? Is something holding you back? Time? Other commitments? The fear of being laughed out?

Putting your thoughts out there can be scary. Literally, anyone can read your blog. But don’t let that put you off, here’s why you should start a blog right now!

Creating something that is yours.

The best thing about blogging is that is a way to invest your time in something that gives you an end result. I love that it makes me feel productive and that I’m doing something valuable with my time.

It’s a cheap hobby.

How much money you invest in blogging is totally up to you, you can get a free blog, or you can buy a domain and hosting for around £5 a month. Phone cameras are amazing these days and mean you don’t have to invest in a posh camera and there are so many free resources out there!

You can spend money on blogging, but it doesn’t mean you have to.

Growing your brand for the future. 

My biggest regret is waiting until I was 26 to start my blog. I wish I started it when I was much younger! Starting your blog as soon as you first thing about it has loads of bonuses, such as building your domain authority and trust with Google and getting your brand established so you can grow your audience.

It’s okay if you’re not quite sure what you want your blog to be about yet, get it started and see what happens! Then if in a few years, you do decide you might want to start a side gig with something, such as selling things on Etsy or making money other ways online, you already have a good foundation to build your brand on.

When you start your blog, you’ll realise how little interaction you’ll get in the early days –  it would make starting a business really hard!

Becoming an expert.

If you’re interested in something and want to know more about it, starting a blog on the subject is a great way to help others learn while you are learning yourself. It will keep giving you reasons to learn new things and keep up with the latest news.


The top reason people continue blogging long term is the community. You get to know so many people and come very invested in them, even if you don’t talk to them all the time. There are bloggers all over the world that I love to check in with every now and again! Then there are the ones that I talk to all the time and consider close friends! It’s such a good way of making friends, whether you struggle to make friends in real life or not.


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