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What future tech upgrades are you thinking of?

Watching all these documentaries from back in the ’70s and ’80s on Netflix makes you realise how far we’ve come with technology over the last…


Watching all these documentaries from back in the ’70s and ’80s on Netflix makes you realise how far we’ve come with technology over the last 40 years.

Just think, back then you didn’t have a computer in your home, no Internet, no mobile phones, no Amazon or flat screen TVs. No coffee pod machine and no apps to turn your heating on and off.

We’re really lucky to have all these things that make life easier. It’s hard to imagine what might be available to use in the next 40 years as it seems we have everything we could want or need already. But there are some new things that have only been around a short while and why they are not the norm right now, they could end up being the norm in the not too distance future.

Here are some things you might consider getting to upgrade your life.

Electric cars.

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. Get yourself a second charging cable and you can even charge your car in a lot of car parks now so you can charge your car up while you shop.

Wireless charging.

Samsung already have wireless charging for their phones, but this could become the norm all around. I’m unsure about the technology around it, but imagine if it was common to have wireless charging pads in most places and you could charge any device from it!

What about in the future? Wireless charging could charge a device from a distance, just like wireless internet. Maybe I could always have 100% charge!

Cordless everything.

Our cordless vacuum is a life saver. I’d never go back to wired now we have the Dyson! Imagine all the other appliances that could eventually be wireless. I’d love to get some kitchen ones that are wireless like the food processor and George Foreman. It can be a pain finding a plug for everything! Not to mention how messy loads of cables look tangled together behind cabinets.

Heated Jackets.

I read an article a few weeks ago about heated jackets. I don’t remember the full story, but imagine having a jacket that heated like an electric blanket. Or socks and gloves!

Headphone translators.

I can’t really think when I would actually need these, but someone has invented headphones that translate different languages for you. Would be cool to go over to China and be able to understand what people are saying!

Portable solar charger.

I always need charge. Damn iPhone! Imagine a solar panel charger that you could stick in the sunlight or on a window while on holiday, in the office or in the car and charge your phone.

Now what inventions are you keen on, or what would you want to see invented?


  1. Yes to more cordless household products! I love our cordless dyson too, it makes hoovering so much easier. It actually makes me want to hoover more because it’s less of a faff than the old Henry style hoover we had!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I honestly can’t keep up with phone tech! Can’t afford to upgrade every two yeas, so told myself to rather just upgrade is I really need it

    Candice |

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