Things I want for my new house

Things I want for my new house

New house new house. Hopefully.

I am trying not to get too excited as it can still all go tits up. At the same time, I’m totally planning out how I want each room to look. So yeah, there’s that.


Things I want for my new house

Sofas and footstool, coffee table and side tables. 

Things I want for my new house

Table, chairs, stools, pan rack and placemats.

As we are probably moving a few months earlier than we were planning, we’ve not had time to save to get the new things we wanted right away. So we’re going to take what we have already and upgrade room by room.

The first thing I want to sort is the kitchen though. I found this extendable table which I want with 4 chairs and 2 stackable stools for if we need to extend it to a bigger table. I went for white as we’ve picked a white kitchen with dark grey tops. We have a bit of wall space above the counters, I found the wall mount which you can hang pans from. I want either that or a spice rack in the space. I also found the cool place mates which have a bit of colour to add to my black and white space.

We’re going to take our current sofa to the new house for now, which is a brown leather corner sofa and a reclining armchair. But when we get the cash together, I’d love to get the sofa above, along with the ottoman. My boyfriend wants a corner sofa again but to be honest, I’m not really a fan of them! A coffee table and side tables would be such a treat! Imagine not having to reach to the floor for your cup of coffee.

Life is luxury, here I come!

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